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Dog Friendly Holiday Houses

Whatever the occasion we have an incredible house for you

Let us inspire you – and your dog! There are more than 200 properties around the country that are examples in friendly luxury, but there are a few in particular we’d like to draw your attention to. These houses pride themselves on making themselves Home for your dog as well as for yourselves.

Destination: HeavenDestination: HeavenDestination: HeavenDestination: Heaven

Destination: Heaven

It seems no family is quite complete without that special extra and extra special member, that four-footed furry guy or girl who has been there by your side through the thick and the thin, the sunshine and the rain – your Bingo, your Fido, the pooch, your man’s best friend.

Maybe he sits dutifully at your feet even now. Wonder at the philosophies incomprehensible hanging in that head of his, heavy with love, her paws itching with the Now, the Present. Though content they are, wonder at the places both near and far they might be dreaming of.

Gulping the sea air as they race to take it all in from their secret level with myriad smells and as many stories. See your day become their world, the merest stroll become their pilgrimage – over the wolds and through the waves, along paths less travelled or routes famed for and full of familiarity.

You are their champion! You are loved beyond measure. You will be followed to the far reaches of this land and they will beg you to do it all again. You bestow the simplest and most cherished of gifts. You have scratched that itch, turned dreams to reality. You are taking your dog on holiday!

 Dog Friendly Holiday Houses - kate & tom's Large Holiday Homes

Top Picks


Starting in the timelessly picturesque Cotswolds, we present to you Wellacres House. This country home boasts a hot tub, outdoor pool and a games barn. You’ll feel as if you own all around you, during an evening of easy dining in the open plan kitchen, or a morning stroll across the fields, pooch in tow – or leading the way.

The marvel of Mevagissey is Polpier, sat high and proud above the harbour busy with boats both large and small, pubs and shops both old and new. With a private tennis court and outdoor heated pool, Polpier sets a certain standard for Cornish sophistication. If the house and the harbour aren’t enough, take the dogs to the gorgeous Lost Gardens of Heligan, just minutes away!

The Hollies is a stylish Hampshire haven, where your dog will be spellbound by the private woodland. And for yourselves? Think hot tub and al fresco dining… Something Taikoo definitely isn’t new to… The pool at Taikoo is its crowning feature, something you’d expect to see at a luxury resort, but something that can be yours alone – as the kids play on the swing or challenge you to table football; as the dogs bathe in the sun or explore every corner of the gardens you missed. The pattern emerging here? At every house, a dog in their element…