Meet the Team

Finance Team

Fiona Silvester is our Head of Finance. Fiona’s team look after all things operations; from finance to furniture and absolutely everything in between. Lucy and Kaitlen work alongside Fiona to keep the whole company running without a glitch.

Property Marketing Team

Hayley Bretherton is our Commercial Manager and is supported by Laura, Brett, Naomi and Luisa. They look after our Big Cottage houses and meet our new owners to ensure that the onboarding process is as smooth as possible, as well as being responsible for marketing all houses with kate & tom’s.

Marketing & Guest Services Team

Andy heads up our Marketing & Guest Services Team. Sunny leads the lively and highly experienced guest services team: Sunny, Shannan, Sarah G and Gabby are the key people dealing with enquiries & bookings during the day. The part-time team take things over for the evenings and weekends: Claudia, Leigh, Ellie, Kristen, Bettina, Hanan and Sarah E are there for you every day, outside of normal working hours.