Packing Your Dog’s Suitcase


Mmm… Smell that? That’s an aroma that has dog written all over it. The possibilities – big or small, tough or chewy, sweet or smoked, rawhide, knuckles, twisties and stubbies, sticky, thick, thin, no matter what it is, it’s aaaaaall good. Welcome to the wonderful world of dog bones. Only you and your dog are going to know exactly which combination sets said king or queen of canines’ tail merrily slicing the air and tongue and eyes set with undivided attention. Make sure you pack the right bone, because you never know when you might need that special gesture when away from home.


Much of the same as above applies here. If there’s anything a dog loves as much as his signature bone, it’s his signature treat. Taking your dog on holiday might not be a walk in the park in every respect. Going away, for however long, can be a big thing. The chances are he’ll love every minute of it, just as you will, but it’s always a good idea to have those crunchy or chewy pieces of magic ready to hand, waiting in pocket or bag, for when your dog deserves his next well done.


There are a number of essentials you won’t want to forget, as you never quite know where you’ll be with your dog at any given time. If perchance an incident should occur, for instance you lose your dog, or your dog takes an injury, it’s always good to know you’re prepared. You’ll want a spare collar and tag, a recent photo of your dog, ideally printed copies, and any other documentation and identification that might help. You’ll also want a few of the basics in cleanliness and first aid, for instance poop bags, stain removers, spare sheets/blankets and whatever else you feel might not be wholly unnecessary – you never know!


Taking a lead is of course a must, but taking at least a couple is good sense. You never know when you might need to reign in your dog, and being prepared with a spare could feel like a godsend in the right situation.


You might be counting down the days till you can leap into your new Emperor or Super King after a long day out on the fells or hours spent soaking up the sun on the beach, but it’s not quite the same for your dog. She’ll no doubt have that bed of hers at home, as you do. But there’s something different about a dog’s bed – the smells and the carefully positioned and repositioned blankets that may well be hiding a very expertly buried bone or treat. You can see its importance to her when she gets restless or broody and wants to take her toy to bed with her but also wants to stay with you. So you dutifully drag the bed into the living room and watch as she once again repositions the blankets and, when she sees that all is put to rights, finally, contently, and with a last glance sent your way with love, lays down.


Last but not least in our short but sweet run down of the things to pack in your dog’s suitcase, we have food and water bowls. Just as above, your dog will likely have become accustomed and may even have become attached to his or her bowls over the weeks, months or years. Just as you have your favourite mug, your dog will thank you for this small gesture. Though he has not the words to convey his sincere gratitude and reaffirmed love for you, know that when he takes to his bowls again, head bowed attentively, his tag dinging on rim and sounding his delight, you have done well!