10 Amazing Stag & Hen Activities

We’re lucky enough today to live in a place absolutely jam-packed with things to do for stags, hens and other groups seeking a good time. Whether the occasion is to celebrate the countdown to a wedding, or you just haven’t seen a set of friends in a long time and you want some great ideas for adrenaline-packed, educative, inspiring and exciting fun, you’ll find it here. Though a few different companies have been included below for variety, many of the recommended activities are organised by Off Limits.

Off Limits is an event company specialising in providing an extensive range of activities, team building exercises, evening entertainment and bespoke events throughout the UK and abroad, with a “can do” approach. We’re even lucky enough to have sampled some of the above, and as a result they’re our top recommendation. Mention “kate & tom’s” when booking.

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Clay-pigeon shooting
A true country classic. This is a personal favourite of mine and it’s guaranteed to provide heaps of fun for your group. Clay shooting brings together all of the timeless thrill and skill of target shooting with none of the animal cruelty. After being taught the basics in stance, safety and aiming, shoot a variety of targets while taking in that fresh country air.

Quad biking
Another classic and one for those with the need for speed! They may be smaller than your car, but these 200cc beasts are feisty and will throw you through a heady mix of adrenaline, focus, skill, speed, competitiveness and straight-up hysterics. Get taught the basics and how to get the most out of your machine up hills and over jumps – and you’re off. No gears, roads or traffic here. Just pull the throttle and feel the rush!

Body sphering
Another I’ve been lucky enough to try, I can guarantee you’ll be in stitches in seconds. Truly hilarious, like magnets you’ll be locking eyes onto unsuspecting mates waddling along in the open, and you’ll charge, seeing how far you can make him bounce! That’s if you’re not taken out before you get the chance…

Beer bicycle
I’d love to try this one! Quite simply, this is like a bar on wheels and you’ll be knocking them back while sitting comfortably on your stool, peddling away with the road moving beneath you and onlookers looking on with a brilliant combination of confusion and envy.



My Personal Sanctuary’s mobile massage and beauty therapists bring spa-quality treatments to you. Their organic and truly indulgent service delivers tailor-made treatment packages to the comfort of the house. This might be just the thing you need after that big night – and you won’t even have to go anywhere!

Escape rooms
It can get tense when you’re racing against the clock to escape from a locked room. But that’s the fun! Work together as a team (and try to keep calm) to solve a variety of puzzles, each bringing you one step closer to that last piece in the jigsaw. There are several themed rooms to choose from. Will you stop the deadly virus in time? Pass the special agent test? Figure out whodunnit? 

Call up your inner Katniss and grab your bow, then nock, draw and loose! This is the perfect combination of laughs, precision and good ol’ friendly competition. Don’t feel the need to turn up in your skin-tight bodysuit, but do make sure to bring the archer in you!

Casino evening
There’s an unmistakable satisfaction in shuffling a deck of cards, dealing and taking a guarded look at your hand. Royal flush or not, this casino experience doesn’t require you to know a thing. You’ll soon get the swing of some of the classics, such as blackjack, poker and roulette. Bring out the heels, choose your cocktail and stack your chips!

Hot air balloon
Ideal for a countryside stay, you’ll have an incredible bird’s eye view of all that green spread out in every direction, with the roar of the burner above you. Remember that thrill of taking off on the runway and watching the world fall away below? Well, now imagine the same but with no windows or seats! Don’t forget your camera!