5 New Houses, 5 New Pools

There’s so much to be excited about right now, and for me it’s spring that takes centre stage. As each new day is longer than the last, February approaches with the promise of daffodil, violet and primrose, as well as new buds peeping from the ends of trees and plants.

Spring is a blessing, but there’s even more cause for excitement. With a handful of new houses and their gorgeous pools having been welcomed into the kate & tom’s family recently, it just keeps on getting better.

See below for my showcase of some of the most impressive new houses with pools.


Melksham Court | Cotswolds
It was once owned by Hugh Grant and it only takes a second to see the attraction. The Cotswolds is famous enough for being an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) – being the home of kate & tom’s, we’ll be the first to tell you why it deserves such a title. But there’s even more than luxury, and Melksham Court has it all. This is where you’ll find the spa experience very much at home.

KEY FEATURES: Heated indoor pool, hot tub, steam room, spa/treatment room, snooker table, 10 acres of gardens. Hen parties welcome. Sleeps 20-30.



Victoria House | Manchester
Manchester is your playground. Need I say more? Victoria House is perfect for party groups looking for something cosy and stylish minutes from all the action of the centre of one of the greatest cities in the UK. Throw in private crazy golf, a hot tub and plenty of mod cons and you have a match made in heaven.

KEY FEATURES: Heated outdoor pool, hot tub, games room, crazy golf. Hen and stag parties welcome. Dogs considered. Sleeps 20-26.



The Grotto | Lake District

Ahh, the Lakes! Another location close to our hearts. Famous for its stunning fells, mountains, woods and, believe it or not, lakes, this is the highlight of the North West. Trek the trails, town to town through endless beauty. See the amazing traditional country houses and learn about the Romantic poets who lived there. At the end of the day, return with achy legs to the modern comforts The Grotto has to offer.

KEY FEATURES: Heated indoor pool, gym. Hen parties welcome. Two well-behaved dogs welcome. Sleeps 17 (+2 children).



Pearl Villa | Warwickshire
The rugged beauty of Warwickshire spreads out on all sides. Venture out 45 minutes to see Shakespeare’s birthplace and Anne Hathaway’s cottage. Go to the races. Explore the countryside… Or go nowhere and indulge in the countless features right on the grounds… We’d totally understand.

KEY FEATURES: Heated outdoor pool, tennis court, enclosed play area, snooker table, open fires. Hen and stag parties welcome. Wedding receptions welcome. Dogs welcome. Sleeps 23.






Post by Sam Howell
Digital Content Executive at kate & tom’s