Essentials to Pack for the Beach

It’s Beach Day. You’ve waited for this holy day for what seems like an age. All friends and family members are present and (just about) correct. You’ve checked the weather and you’re told you can expect uninterrupted sunshine. But save those skyward gazes and words of praise until you’re firmly placed on the sand, iced drink in hand, with the bright hours open before you. Right now, it’s time to pack…


There’s probably no better place than the beach to sit back and enjoy some of your favourite tunes. There’s something about watching it all unfold before you backed by your own soundtrack – the roll of the glistening waves with the passing of sunned bodies. Make sure you have your favourite albums and artists to hand, or even better: create a playlist and stick it on shuffle. You’ll also want to think about output: you might be the DJ but if you’re inviting more to listen, don’t forget the speakers. If it’s all for you, grab your earphones.


Much of that unmistakable calm and joy mentioned above can also be said for reading. I’m a big reader, so going to a beach without my current book is unthinkable. But even if this doesn’t sound like you, maybe a day at the beach is the ideal opportunity to try that book your friend recommended, or the one you’ve heard all the hype about recently. Books can only work their magic on you once you’ve landed on that first page. My personal recommendation? Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, which (rightly) won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2014.


Camera / phone

The beach is home to some priceless memories and, though you can’t capture it all, there are some things which simply must be shared – games with the kids, their sandcastles, and the rest of that photogenic beauty that stretches out in all directions. Partner or friend sleeping with his mouth open? Thinking about the numerous ways you could photoshop such a look? Get the phone out! Or maybe you want to make everyone back home a little jealous with another sun-soaked snap of your legs pointing out to where the sea meets the distant horizon. But Instagram and Photoshop aside, more importantly you’ll want to have your phone on you in case of any emergencies.


Don’t forget these other important items…

for drying with, lining the deckchair, and placing your wet bum on in the car.

for keeping the lobster away and welcoming a natural tan.

for… well, what kind of beach do you have in mind? But seriously, it’s always good to have some spares (and of course waterproofs), especially when there are children involved. You’ll also want to remember hats, flip-flops and sunglasses.

for that delicious beachfront lunch, some souvenirs and, more importantly, for emergencies… and ice cream.

Food & water
for the obvious. But if you find yourself at a loss for where to pick up a bottle of water or a bite to eat without straying far from the beach, you’ll be glad you came prepared.