Where to Rent a Holiday Home in the UK?

There are hundreds of beautiful holiday homes available for rent in some incredible locations throughout the United Kingdom.  Staying at a luxurious holiday home can give you access to some of the best spots in the UK and makes for a unique holiday experience.  Here are six great locations within the United Kingdom where you can enjoy a holiday home.

North Yorkshire Moors 1

North York Moors National Park


Located in North Yorkshire, the North York Moors National Park is a huge expanse of heather moorland that covers more than 1,430 square kilometres.  There are a wide range of holiday homes around the national park including quaint 2-bedroom cottages perfect for romantic getaways and large country homes, ideal for family reunions or parties.


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This beautiful part of the world is a nature lovers delight.  The national park is incredibly peaceful and there are some great nature walks available.  There are plenty of sight seeing options on offer including Goathland Stations, Mallyan Spout, Coastguard Station (Robin Bay’s Hood), St Mary’s Church and Old St Stephen’s Church Flyingdales.  There is also some great pub food in the area and some lovely village shops to visit.



The Cotswolds


One of the most popular locations for holidays in the United Kingdom, the Cotswolds has dozens of attractions on offer.  There are almost 100 historically significant sites in the Cotswolds including Gloucester cathedral, Castle Combe Village, Cirencester Parish Church of St John Baptist, Arlington Row and Sudeley Castle.  There are also nearly 50 museums in the Cotswolds!


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There are activities for people of all ages in the Cotswolds, including skiing, boating, wildlife tours, incredible shopping experiences, motorsports, rock climbing and much more.  For the foodies, they can enjoy everything from Michelin-starred fine-dining restaurants through to some of the world’s greatest pub food.


The Cotswolds has one of the largest ranges of holiday homes in the UK.  There are huge Georgian mansions, 2-bedroom farm houses, luxurious Regency townhouses, modern party houses, medieval cottages and much more on offer.  Visitors can find a holiday home that perfectly suits their personality, guest list and budget.


Radnor's Forest (from Offa's Dyke)Mid WalesScenery



Wales is a popular destination for travellers interested in exploring the beautiful countryside, enjoying celtic culture and doing some sight-seeing — there are more than 600 castles to explore in Wales!  There are plenty of activities on offer including world-class golf courses, fishing, rock climbing, horse riding, mountain biking and much more.


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There are some very unique holiday homes available in Wales including Victorian country manors, modern farm houses, and sprawling 17th-Century mansions.  Many of the holiday homes available are perfect for romantic getaways or weddings.




Similar to Wales, Scotland has a pristine natural environment and some incredible sight seeing opportunities.  There are many castles, museums, and national parks to explore, along with dozens of activities and tours.


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There are some great holiday homes on offer in Scotland including Aldourie castle — a lovely 17th-Century castle on the banks of Loch Ness.  A fantastic location for a corporate retreat, family reunion or wedding.




If you are interested in a relaxing holiday near the coast, Cornwall is the ideal location.  Located in the South West of England, Cornwall has some of the prettiest beaches in the world.  There are plenty of activities on offer including surfing, sail boarding, fishing, boating, hiking, swimming, diving and much more!


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In terms of holiday homes, there are a huge range of homes on offer in this part of the world.  Most of the available homes are stylish, modern and beautiful seaside homes that focus one the natural beauty of the place.  Why not enjoy your next holiday relaxing by the beach?  Dorset and Devon are also popular coastal locations that are filled with lovely holiday homes.





If you are seeking a very relaxing holiday escape that takes you further away from the hustle and bustle of ordinary life, Norfolk is a perfect choice.  There are some lovely,  secluded holiday homes in this part of the world, where you can simply relax and enjoy the fresh air.  Norfolk has some beautiful beaches on offer and a wide range of activities available including the Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk Botanical Garden, Nauticus National Maritime Center and Virginia Zoo.


The holiday homes in this area range from modest beach houses through to luxurious modern homes with dozens of facilities on offer.  In addition to Norfolk, there are many fantastic holiday homes in West Sussex, Northumberland and Wynchelsea Beach


So why not consider a holiday home for your next getaway — you will get to enjoy a unique holiday experience in a very comfortable setting.