Going Camping But Without a Tent!



Camping is a fantastic way to enjoy nature and explore some interesting parts of the United Kingdom.  It can be great for a romantic getaway with your partner, or a very active and adventurous holiday with your entire family.  There are dozens of activities that can be enjoyed while camping, including building survival skills, swimming, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and much more.


Of course, camping does have a few downsides including exposure to the elements (rain, extreme heat and freezing cold temperatures), bugs, and a lack of privacy.   It can also be difficult to find a great camping spot that is close to the attractions you would like to visit and the activities you wish to enjoy.


For these reasons, many people have decided to rent holiday cottages instead.  There are hundreds of high-quality cottages located in beautiful locations throughout the United Kingdom.  These cottages allow visitors to gain the same advantages obtained by camping — without the downsides!  Here are a few reasons why a cottage may be a better choice than camping and some cottages that are perfectly set up as camping alternatives.


Why Opt For a Cottage Instead of Camping?

Here are a few reasons why a cottage beats camping!


Less Close Encounters With Pests!

Camping is a great deal of fun, but when the mosquitos, bees or wasps attack, it can quickly turn into a nightmare.  If you are staying in a cottage, you can simply retreat indoors for a few hours!


You Can Stay Clean

Many of the activities that are on offer while camping can actually make you very, very dirty!  Hiking, rock climbing, cave exploring, canyoning, mountain bike riding and other activities often involve sweat, dirt and mud.  A few days of those activities and you might be dreaming of soap and water.  A cottage allows you to get seriously dirty during the day and scrub off at night!


More Entertainment Options for the Kids (and Parents)

Sometimes children can become bored after a few days of camping and will start to complain incessantly.  With a cottage, they can enjoy outdoor activities during the day then access all of the usual technological toys during the evenings.


A Better Nights Sleep

You can have some incredibly fun-filled days while camping.  However, when you go to bed it can quickly become a painful experience.  If you aren’t accustomed to sleeping in a sleeping bag or on a blow-up mattress, it can be difficult to get your rest.  A luxurious cottage will have very comfortable beds so you can wake up feeling refreshed in the morning and ready for another day of activities!


More Culinary Options

Cooking on a camp fire or BBQ is quite limiting.  Many of the cottages available for holiday rentals have stunning kitchens with all of the mod cons.  Wouldn’t it be better to enjoy a delicious meal cooked in a kitchen when you return home after a busy day out-and-about?


Some of the Great Cottages Available

Here are a few cottages that are located in beautiful parts of the United Kingdom and are ideal for camping-style holidays.


  • Hillside Barns, Jurassic Coast (Sleeps 2-16)
    Converted 18th-Century barns that are surrounded by acres of fields and forests. Plenty of exciting outdoor activities on offer!
  • Kingham Coach House, Kingham (Sleeps 4-14)
    A renovated coach house and cottages, set in the beautiful Evenlode Valley.  In addition to outdoor activities on offer, the property has a heated pool, steam room and tennis court.
  • The Glasshouse, Dartmouth (Sleeps 4)
    Set high in the hills overlooking the River Dart, this home is a peaceful space that combines luxury with a zen-like quality. The perfect place to return to after a day of outdoor activities.
  • Tortree Cottage, Melmerby, Cumbria (Sleeps 4)
    This secluded cottage is a perfect spot for camping without a tent! It is set in a very quiet and pristine natural environment with many outdoor activities on offer.
  • The Croft, Glassonby, Cumbria (Sleeps 4)
    A large farmstead set within a beautiful environment. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy including fishing, sailing, swimming, caving, canoeing, bird watching and much more!


There are plenty more cottages on offer which give youth best of both worlds — immersion in the pristine natural environments combined with luxurious accommodation.  Check out more luxury cottages today.



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