What Does Staycation Mean and How Has It Changed?

What does the word staycation mean to you? This term has been a feature of many holiday plans in recent years. But did you know there are often debates around the actual meaning of the word? 

A staycation, in fact, isn’t a new thing. It dates back to around the mid-1940s. Then, however, its meaning took on a slightly different context to what we think a staycation is nowadays. 

Read on as we take a deep dive into the meaning of staycation and how it’s changed…

The original meaning of staycation

The word staycation is a mix of stay and vacation and dates back to at least the 1940s. It described staying at home during vacation days and was thought to be associated with World War II as many things were rationed, including fuel for unnecessary travel.

What does staycation mean now?

While the modern term has a similar meaning to its original, now it encompasses a broader concept of holidaying anywhere in your home country. The term resurfaced in 2008 during the UK’s financial crisis as fuel and flight prices increased significantly. 

Since this time and particularly after the pandemic, staycations have risen in popularity. They give people a chance to holiday in beautiful destinations in the UK in an affordable way. 

Why have staycations become so popular? 

In recent years, the popularity of holidaying without having to step foot on a plane has risen dramatically. The reason? In large part – the pandemic. 

No one could have imagined the global impact of this period. However, as travel restrictions meant international getaways were limited, staycations stepped up to the plate. 

According to a trends report, Google searches for the term ‘staycation’ went up over 500% in July 2020 compared to the previous year. Other terms such as ‘luxury breaks uk’ and ‘best uk holiday destinations’ also rose dramatically in the same period. 

Now, things are getting back to normal (or the ‘new normal’) and holidaying abroad is picking up again. However, that doesn’t mean people have lost their love of a great UK escape. In contrast, staycations continue their uphill trend, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Check out some of the advantages of taking a break in the UK’s most beautiful holiday destinations. 

Benefits of a staycation 

Saves on travel time

The beauty of a staycation is you can just pack up the car and head off on an adventure. There’s no waiting around for hours to check in and board a plane. Or even spend a fortune in the duty-free while you wait. Travelling to a destination in the UK means you’re only a few hours away. So, there’s no rushing around or car park fiascos to worry about. 

More for your money

When you look at the breakdown for the cost of a holiday abroad, a huge chunk is always dedicated to flights. By staying in the UK, you can make sure every penny (other than a bit of fuel) goes towards a luxury holiday cottage. As a result, you can enjoy tons of extras at your destination, such as a private pool, hot tub and games room – rather than spending it on the bit before and after your holiday takes place.

Visit your favourite places

Holidays in the UK offer you the chance to reminisce and enjoy a variety of much-loved destinations. So whether your favourite family getaway was a beach escape to Cornwall or a countryside break in the Cotswolds – there are plenty of holiday cottages that help replicate these magical experiences.

Explore new places

It’s surprising how many people haven’t explored the variety of destinations across the UK, even those just a few hours from home. Taking a staycation gives you the perfect excuse to check out locations you’ve never visited before. With such a great mix of options – countryside retreats, coastal escapes and city breaks – there’s something for the whole family. 

Less planning needed

All holidays take some planning. However, staycations need considerably less than travelling abroad. You don’t have to worry about passports, visas, or local currency. Packing is also less stressful, which is always a bonus! Another handy aspect is if you forget anything or need emergency supplies, there’s always a local and familiar shop nearby.

Perfect for kids

UK destinations offer an unbeatable range of kids’ activities. There are numerous theme parks, zoos and play centres scattered across the country. But, best of all, getting outside into nature is great for the whole family. England and Wales have a beautiful selection of National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to explore. Plus, the numerous walking and cycling trails will certainly burn off some energy. 

Ideal for short breaks

Ever fancied just hopping in the car and spending a weekend away in a beautiful location? With a staycation, you can do just that! With shorter travel times and less planning involved, you can book a last-minute break without any stress. What’s more, you may find affordable deals for beautiful holiday cottages to enjoy a luxury escape when you need it most. 

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