Luxury Staycations – A Christmas Present for the Whole Family

If you’re looking to buy a Christmas present for a whole family, it’s hard to see past a luxury staycation. It will give your loved ones cherished memories – far more than any other gift. Not to mention being easier than searching for lots of separate gifts. Read on as we dig a little deeper… 

The age-old present problem

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We’ve all been there. You head out Christmas shopping with no idea what to get. If you think it’s only hard when you don’t know someone very well, think again. Nowadays everyone has everything they need already. That leaves you choosing from some of the following:

  • Perfumes to add to their collection
  • Random toys that gather dust
  • Kitchen utensils and other gadgets
  • Clothes they probably don’t want or need

Now multiply that by the number of people in a whole family. You might need to buy everyone in your own family a gift. Or perhaps it’s a close friend and you want to treat all their nearest and dearest. That includes parents, partners, kids and potentially more. Not to mention all the other people you’re buying presents for at Christmas.

You don’t want to buy generic gifts for that many people. Nor do you have the time. Most importantly, they might not want them. According to an Eventbrite survey, 66% of millennials value experiences more than products. That includes days out, live events and – you guessed it – holidays. 

Above all else, presents are a gesture. Something that shows you care. Whatever products you buy, the gesture is soon forgotten. Buying an experience is different. It creates priceless memories that last a lifetime – as well as all the time spent looking forward to it.

So, why opt for a luxury staycation?

If you’ve decided on an experience Christmas present for a whole family, here’s what sets a luxury staycation apart from the other options…

There’s something for everyone

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Families range from babies and kids up to parents and grandparents, potentially spanning 3 or even 4 generations. It’s practically impossible to find a Christmas present that caters to them all.

A luxury holiday home really does have something for everyone. There’s games rooms and swimming pools for the kids, hot tubs and gyms for the adults, plus cinema rooms and huge dining spaces where everyone can come together.

You can even find accessible holiday homes and cottages that welcome dogs to really cater to the family you’re buying for.

Houses are big enough for the whole family

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When you’re buying a Christmas present for an entire family, it’s important that it’s suitable for the size of the group. With kids, parents, partners and family friends, families can be pretty big. That makes them unsuitable for a big family meal or a trip to the races, for example, where they can feel cramped, hectic and unable to properly mingle.

Holiday houses are different. Whether they’re on a beautiful estate or a luxuriously rural large barn, they can sleep anywhere from 8-10 to 40+ guests. Living and dining spaces make it easy for a whole family to be together in one big group with spacious bedrooms for everyone invited.


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The best Christmas presents come as a complete surprise. That’s hard to achieve when you’re booking something quite niche. Perhaps you’re unsure whether it’s suitable for every family member and feel the need to check with them. Or maybe it’s a trip abroad and you need to ensure everyone’s passports are in date – as well as whether they have time for all the travelling.

With a staycation, there’s no worries about whether people can make it or if they’ll be happy coming. You can book somewhere within an hour or a few hours of their home by car. And book as little as a weekend away so nobody has to miss it for work or school. Everyone will be delighted by the present and even more so if it’s a surprise.

It’s a real treat

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Christmas is a time for treats, more than any other occasion. If you really want to treat a whole family, it’s hard to see past a luxury staycation. The key word here is luxury…

At kate & tom’s, our luxury cottages have been hand-picked as the finest homes throughout England and Wales. They’re situated in the most sought-after areas with their own private grounds and breath-taking views.

Inside, you’ll find plush living spaces, huge dining spaces and private quarters for every guest. That’s topped off by luxury features like pools, hot tubs or even your own tennis court.

If you want that extra touch of luxury, you can even book spa treatments and private chefs at our homes.

You can come too!

Family celebrating together

At Christmas, you buy presents for those you care about the most. The people you hold closest, who you want to spend more time with all year round. That’s yet another benefit of a luxury staycation as a Christmas present for whole-family fun. You can join your giftees on the trip.

Spend quality time with your family if you’re buying for them. Or bring together your own family with those you’re buying for if it’s for the family of a friend or sibling.

It’s for any occasion

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On top of everything else, a luxury staycation can be booked whenever you’d prefer. Gift a summer holiday that everyone can look forward to for months. Get everyone excited with a last-minute New Year getaway, just a few days after Christmas. Or make next Christmas extra-special with a festive holiday booked a year in advance. The choice is yours!

Book the perfect Christmas present for a whole family

Family celebrating New Year’s Eve together.

Want to make Christmas special for a whole family? Book a luxury staycation with kate & tom’s. We have a selection of stunning houses for family holidays waiting to impress your guests. Take lots of little gifts off your list and bring everyone together for an unforgettable break.

If you’d like any help planning the ultimate staycation, don’t hesitate to contact our team on [email protected]. We have over 17 years’ experience making families’ dreams come true in beautiful houses across England and Wales.