Hiring a Private Bartender for Your Hen Night

Hen parties can fill some people with dread, but for other’s it is a chance to party and have one last big hoorah in singledom. It’s a night where you will say goodbye to the single life, before saying a happy hello to married life.

A big decision to make is — what shall you do for your hen party? It’s a night to go wild for the last time, before settling into the comforts of marital bliss. There literally is too much choice out there, of unusual, crazy themes you can have for your hen party. So what to choose?

The best I have come across, and one I would definitely have for my hen night, (if I ever find Prince Charming!), is the hiring of a private bartender. This doesn’t mean forking out for a whole bar or venue, as well as the staff. It means having a professional mixologist, who is hopefully very handsome, to come to your home and make any type of cocktail you can think of, for as long as you can see straight, through the blurry cocktail haziness.

You won’t even have to lift a finger, just put on your favourite tunes, sit back with your hens, and reminisce about the untamed antics of single life. The professional barman will be able to whip something up, from just about any variation of spirits and mixers. He will come armed with a huge knowledge of delicious drinks, or you can dare to dream up your own.

It is your choice how long you have his skills for, decide with the chosen company about times. Also, choose whether you would like to pick up the list of ingredients, or pay a little extra to have them all delivered, along with your dashing barman.

Other extra fun add-ons to consider are;


Cocktail Mixing Lessons


cocktail-making-hensDo you feel like you want to get involved? If too much sitting around is not your thing and you’re itching to have a go, how about asking for cocktail mixing lessons. After downing a few, you and your hens will be right in the mood to try it out for yourself. He can take you through each step of creating that perfect cocktail, from which ingredients to choose that mix well together, and shaking or stirring the finished mix. The best part about it is you get to drink up your finished creations!


Butler in the Buff


Put a naughty twist into your final night of freedom, you’re still a single girl for one more night, why shouldn’t you get to ogle a few gorgeous man parts! These beautiful men will be on hand to cater to your every whim, wearing just the tiniest of aprons and showing off just enough flesh to get your heart all of a flutter.

They can serve up canapés and drinks of your choice, while you get a hefty dose of eye candy. What more could you ask for on your hen party extravaganza?

So staying in is the new going out for the hen party fun. Why go out and battle with crowds and queues when you can have the entertainment brought to you? Settle down with your favourite girls for a night of laughs, memories and pure cocktail bliss.

kate and toms have a large selection of properties that would be ideal to host any of the above events for your Hen night, head over to our Hen Party page or contact us on 01242 235151.

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