Enjoying New Year’s Eve in Luxury

New Year’s Eve is a time for family and friends to gather and reminisce on the year gone by but also welcome in the dawn of a new and exciting year to come — with endless possibilities. It’s a night to reflect on the good things and the bad; what went well and what could you of worked at a little more? What are the hopes and dreams for the fresh New Year ahead?

It’s a time to wipe the slate clean, make some resolutions (that maybe start on the 2nd or 3rd if it’s to go to the gym!), then count down the last few seconds of the old year, champagne in hand, and toast and hug as the new era dawns.


I’m sure we’ve all experienced this situation many a time, in various sweaty bars and clubs, or huddled round the TV at the family’s house. I’ve had a few New Year’s Eve countdowns in queues for the cloakroom and for the bar, not my finest moments! But what about having a change and experiencing it in style?

How about spending a few days at a private palatial residence in the country, or at a unique setting? Today many, many luxurious properties are on offer to rent out and create that magical, New Year’s Eve of a lifetime.

Imagine gathering your loved ones in a stately abode near a harbour. With views of the beautiful yachts bobbing about, while fireworks burst and crackle, their vibrant colours shining off the marina waters.

You could enjoy a bracing walk along the beach to shake off the cobwebs from the morning. Maybe stop in a picturesque pub for Christmas dinner or if you like it a bit more stylish; book yourselves into a Michelin starred restaurant for pure indulgence.

How about hosting a private luxury house party for you and your best friends? No tear-jerkingly expensive taxi fares or overcrowded restaurants. Just you and your favourite people, copious amounts of fine wines and a deluxe retreat, where you can truly rest and relax. Let someone else get sweaty in the kitchen by hiring a chef to do the hard work, while you chat away and toast the finest champagne to an amazing new year ahead.

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If you like being a bit more catered for, think about booking into a stately manor. There are plenty of these that provide luxurious New Year breaks, and will make sure everything is arranged from start to finish.  There will usually be a huge New Year’s Eve feast, which will consist of many courses. While you will be offered countless fine mince pies, and glasses of champagne to keep you in the spirit.

You will be waited on hand and foot and have every whim catered too. If you want to spend the whole day in the spa, you can. Or you could relax in your private jacuzzi, overlooking the gardens and order room service all day.

So what’s the plan for next New year’s Eve; shivering while waiting to be allowed into the overpriced club, the same old family gathering with everyone asleep on the sofa, or a once in a lifetime getaway with butlers serving you champagne and strawberries while fireworks light up the sky, while you snuggle down in front of a grand log fire? I know which one I am going to choose.



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