Ready or not, here I come!

I found you – 6 houses perfect for hide-and-seek.

Gather the kids around the screen; maybe they can start to plan their hiding places! The house that is just right for hide-and-seek doesn’t have to be big or have a maze. But as you’ll soon see, those two factors certainly help.

We should all know the rules of the game by now. Ideally there are three or more players, one of whom is “it”. That person counts to the predetermined number with their eyes covered at some “home base” location. Now everyone runs off to hide… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1 – “Ready or not, here I come!”

Why not make things more interesting? A great variation of the game is to add more significance to the “home base”. If any player successfully gets round the person who’s “it” and reaches the “home base”, they’re free from that round! Better yet, why not add your own twists to the game?

Let’s start counting…

Marsden Manor | Cotswolds

One of our cherished properties and a longstanding family favourite, Marsden Manor impresses all ages and on all levels. As old as it is, this place also thrives in the company of younger guests. They’ll soon be spreading out as far as the tennis court, Wendy house and swimming pool. But don’t take my word for it. See for yourself. But I’m not talking more photos… Step inside Marsden Manor with a virtual reality tour.

Top features: Heated pool, tennis court, games room, Wendy house.



Chestnut House | Cotswolds

Once home to a princess, this Cotswold gem provides both seclusion and easy access to the wonderful Nailsworth. But let’s focus on things closer to home. Of course hide-and-seek doesn’t need to stay outdoors, but with Chestnut House’s multiple acres including private woods and direct access to public footpaths, the kids can embark on their own adventures for hours and still not have the place mapped. Let’s just hope the resident chickens don’t give your position away!

Top features: Hot tub, menage, stables, play area.



The Fitz | Lake District

One of our newest houses, The Fitz is a world of luxury, comfort, attention to detail – and attention to fun! We’ve established by now that a handsome few acres go down well for hide-and-seekers. Well, try 60 acres.

Top features: Hot tub, play hut, play area, 60 acres of grounds.



The Hyde | Herefordshire

Let’s throw a twist into the mix. That’s right, a maze, bringing all-new meaning to the name. Oh, it gets better. The Hyde comes with its very own private train. The Hyde isn’t such a well-kept secret. How could it be? You’ll be raving about it for months afterwords, leaving countless well-kept memories instead.

Top features: Maze, private train (summer months), Wendy house, tree house, tennis court, games room.



The Slate Beach House | Cornwall

The Slate Beach House likes to bring something rather unique to the table. The clue’s in the name. Stylish, stoney facades, clean modern interiors and something very interesting going on in the garden… designed by Mary Reynolds, Gold Medal winner at the Chelsea Flower Show. Top it off with stunning coastal views and easy access to the Camel Trail and you’re definitely winning!

Top features: Cedar-wood hot tub, gym, fire pit, designer gardens.



Mangerton House | Dorset

If they keep finding you inside the house, break out the oars and take to the water to find the ultimate hiding place further afield. There’s a beautiful mystery to Mangerton and it’s yours for the taking. If it’s the sea you’re craving, check out the optional extra three-bedroomed beach house at Burton Bradstock on Chesil Beach.

Top features: Natural outdoor pool, indoor pool, gym, tepee, optional extra beach house.