Halloween Hideaways: Best Houses for a Zombie Apocalypse

Night has fallen. Darkness hides the smaller details of the surrounding hills in thick shadow and heavy anticipation. Moonlight cuts brightly across the steely surface of the sea. A cold wind blows. Your last resort is shelter, a warm refuge against the uncertainty of what lurks out of doors. You need a place to feel safe while you wait out the inevitable. Where do you go?

Sugnall Hall | Staffordshire
If you’ve been wise and stock-piled the food, you certainly won’t want for much in the way of quality dining. The dining room’s strong, dark walls and the intriguing array of old weapons and shields hanging from them will stand you in good stead against the coming hoard. If the coast is clear, this most characteristic of rooms will invite you to get comfortable around its huge dining table for a well-deserved feast!

KEY FEATURES: Jacuzzi, piano, billiards room, open fires. Dogs welcome. Sleeps 20-28.



Moat Cottage | Suffolk
Just when we thought mere weapons and strong doors were your only options for fighting off the ghouls, here you have your very own moat! Talk about security. Once you’ve surveyed the waters with the rowing boat, if you’re feeling brave, take to the warm glow of the hot tub for a long soak. Relax and forget all about zombies… But not for too long.

KEY FEATURES: Hot tub, fishing on your doorstep, rowing boat, set in the 4,500-acre Wilderness estate with shared tennis, pool and more. Dog welcome. Sleeps 12.



The Slate Beach House | Cornwall
Head for the coast! Lit up in the darkening hour like a cubic Christmas tree, The Slate Beach House will lift the spirits, keep you safe, warm – and stylish! And don’t worry: it will take those slower monsters awhile to negotiate their lumbering ways through the award-winning bespoke gardens. Maybe the coast is where it ends. But if not, take comfort in the knowledge that there are bikes and boats at the ready, and zombies can’t swim… I think.

KEY FEATURES: Hot tub, fire pit, gym, award-winning designer gardens. Dogs welcome. Sleeps 12-16.