Booking with kate & tom’s: Where Do I Start?

At kate & tom’s we have a breathtaking variety of holiday options. Whether it’s a cosy escape for two to the firesides of country cottages, or parties with style at the grandest estates and the slickest city apartments, you’re in the right place. So let’s start asking some questions…



What’s the occasion? We all know how big a thing it is, how overwhelming it can be, to book a holiday (especially when there are 20+ other guests to bear in mind!) But it doesn’t have to be difficult.

On this website – your entry into the wonderful world of what we do – you’ll find houses perfect for hen weekends, party pads shouting out stag celebrations, cottages chock full of cosiness, coastal escapes bedecked in the cool shades of the sea, and of course the elite, the ones with the real WOW factor – the big boys and girls – old houses steeped in history, standing proudly and sometimes surrounded by thousands of private acres.

So what will it be? A weekend break in the country? An apartment bright with the big city lights that your best friends will remember for the rest of their lives? A stunning manor for your special day? A rugged country retreat providing a base for all sorts of fun with the kids and dogs in tow? Or maybe just a quiet place beside the sea?



Now you know what sort of holiday it is, let’s think about where that holiday is. We have well over 300 properties, and we’d love for you to see them all, but let’s take things one step at a time.

Where’s the one that’s right for you? Well, if you’re drawn to the fresh, salty air of the coast and you fancy some sand between your toes, you can expect some of the warmest weather in the county on the South Coast. Cornwall and Devon are both famous for the small picturesque villages and views that you’ll find all over the local postcards spinning colourfully on racks beside their beaches. These counties are cherished for many things, not least the food, pasties, cream teas, as well as many festivals, museums and galleries.

Some of the greatest cities – including the capital – are quickly filling up with our impressive collections of stylish, ideally placed party pads and sophisticated town houses. After a stag party? Hen party? Just a big party? Look no further. These amazing cities are packed with everything you need in the way of adult fun: award-winning restaurants, slick bars, timeless museums and sights, and underlying it all – that unmistakably exciting buzz of the city!

Country? Now we’re talking. I don’t know about you, but when I think of the UK, small though it may be, its vast wealth of ancient, untouched countryside – the Lakes, the Peaks, the moors, the dales and so much more – these are what I think of most fondly.

A big presence in the Cotswolds (where we’re based), we have a range of properties for all sorts of occasions – nestled in the small villages, perched high on the lush, rolling hills, and rooted in bigger estates, as hidden away from the world as you want them to be.



Where are you going to put it all in the calendar?

For every stunning, varying, characterful property we have, there’s a season to match. But maybe the real beauty of a holiday house in the UK is that no matter the weather – come winter snow or summer sun – an extraordinary experience, with all its discovery, inspiration, parties, simple fun and family reunion – is always on the cards!

It’s never been easier to pick a date. Once you’ve found the house that’s right for you, simply click on “Availability” and you’ll be given a run-down of available dates and their respective rates.

So what now?

Get looking! Browse all of our properties and then simply select your filters from the drop-down menus at the top of the page. Happy hunting!