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Luxury Cottages on the Isle of Wight

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Discover the endless beauty of the wondrous Isle of Wight, set just off England’s south coast. Secluded sandy beaches, historical castles, towering white cliffs and luxury holiday cottages – the Isle of Wight looks at home on a postcard.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect idyllic English escape or want to discover somewhere new for the family to explore, the Isle of Wight is the ideal destination for every holiday. From large country rentals to quaint coastal cottages, kate & tom’s have the perfect Isle of Wight accommodation for everyone.

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Visit the Isle of Wight

As soon as you step off your plane or ferry, you’ll be blown away by the stunning landscapes and seaside views. Walk in the footsteps of former British monarchs as you wander to the island’s castles, exploring Carisbrooke Castle, where Charles I was held captive by Cromwell and his Roundheads. Or visit one of Henry VIII’s artillery forts, Hurst Castle, built to protect the island from French invasions.

The impressive island is not only home to royal history. Its long sandy beaches, soaring cliffs and immense forestland have been the inspiration for countless works of art. In fact, the fantasy-like island inspired Lewis Carroll when writing the magical Alice in Wonderland. Wander the shores yourself for a taste of the enchanting inspiration.

Carisbrooke castle on a sunny day.Carisbrooke castle on a sunny day.Carisbrooke castle on a sunny day.Carisbrooke castle on a sunny day.
Dinosaur fossil.Dinosaur fossil.Dinosaur fossil.Dinosaur fossil.

Fun things to do in Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is one of the richest dinosaur areas in Europe, with a number of attractions and activities available, perfect for dinosaur and fossil enthusiasts. Visit Dinosaur Isle, Britain’s first purpose-built dinosaur museum and visitor attraction. Explore the dense history through the development of fossils, or head on a guided fossil walk to see the wonders for yourself.

It’s not just history fans that will love this surprising island, music fans from across the world flock to the Isle of Wight Festival every year to enjoy the different performing artists.

Or, if nature is more your thing, a visit to the Isle of Wight Zoo is bound to make this trip memorable. Exotic cats, Madagascan lemurs and so many more exciting animals can be found in the outstanding zoo, which is also the setting of ITV’s ‘Tiger Island’.

Luxury rentals on the Isle of Wight

Golden sandy beaches, a rich history, beautiful forest walks & grand country homes and castles – the Isle of Wight has it all.

Whether you’re dreaming of a tranquil romantic escape, a hen party with all the girls or heading to the island for a long weekend with the whole family, kate & tom’s have the perfect Isle of Wight accommodation for you.

With so much to see, do and experience, you’re sure to find yourself returning to the Isle of Wight year after year, ticking more things off your list each time. A kate & tom’s self-catering cottage is ideal for stocking up and filling the fridge with local treats from the nearby delis and shops.

Luxury rentals on the Isle of Wight Luxury rentals on the Isle of Wight Luxury rentals on the Isle of Wight Luxury rentals on the Isle of Wight

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Get the ferry across to the island, choose a pet-friendly rental and enjoy long days playing on the beaches or roaming the winding coastal paths. However you choose to while away the hours, an Isle of Wight holiday with kate & tom’s is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Hot tubs, games rooms, tennis courts and big group accommodation with heated outdoor pools – our Isle of Wight luxury cottages have everything you need for the perfect relaxing escape on the island. Get in touch with our travel team today to start planning your trip of a lifetime to one of the most beautiful English islands.