Houses With Pools

Whatever the occasion we have an incredible house for you

Drip-drying and Top-ups

What better finishing touch to some of the most beautiful houses in the country than an Indoor or outdoor pool. Time and again these pools stand out as the crowning features to any house. Combine sunshine with warmth and the perfect group of family and friends and you’ll want for nothing – except maybe a refill and more hours in the day!

With sleek designs turning heads year in, year out, these pools have seen more laughter and smiles than most; they are the sign of summer, the core of daily fun to be savoured by guests of every age range. Driven to perfect distraction in your costume of choice, with a chilled glass to the side, you could be anywhere in the world as the hours drift by. But look again to the backdrop of Cornwall or Devon or the Cotswolds and take still more pleasure as it all sinks in…