If I Had a Castle for the Weekend….

After being glued to the series Game of Thrones for months on end I couldn’t help but find myself drifting away in a dream after every episode, imagining myself as one of the characters. The life in those times seemed terribly hard and human life was worth nothing unless you were high up in the social ladder.


Games of Thrones


The Kings, Queens and Lords lived in amazing castles that loomed out of the landscape giving off a powerful, mysterious image. If the walls of a castle had eyes, they would have many stories to tell.

In my dream, I can imagine myself living out scenes from the days of knights and sword fighting.

sword fight

Take That!!


I would love to have a medieval party. Get everyone dressed up Game of Thrones style and have a big banquet. One long table with a huge feast and wine served in goblets.

Traditional music and jesters providing the entertainment with maybe even a fight between two knights to win the affections of a young princess (which would be me of course!)

A murder mystery weekend like in the game of Cluedo is also something that would be amazing to do in a castle. With the backdrop of dark stone corridors and squeaky old doors, it would make it all the more real.


Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery

Everyone would have a pre-determined character which is decided before we would get to the venue. Someone is the murderer and everyone else has their roles to play. Over the next few days we would just live out a weekend getaway but all the while trying to work out who has done the murder, in which room and with what weapon.

From back in its glorious days as a fortress for royal families I’m sure the castle would have been witness to many epic battles and un-timely deaths. Maybe there are spirits still roaming around the corridors? A castle would be the perfect backdrop to do some ghost hunting to see if you can get in touch with any spirits from times gone by.


Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting

I’m not sure how much I believe in the subject of ghosts but put me in a spooky castle and I’m sure I would become a believer.

I can imagine big high ceilings and grand rooms all around the castle making it perfect for some kind of grand masked ball or James bond style type of party. Or 20s, 30s style dance party with headpieces and fringed, glamorous dresses. Let’s be honest, there are not many times you can get dressed up like this.

Away from all the parties a castle could just be the best place to get away with friends for the weekend surrounded by beautiful scenery in a quiet, remote space.

Sitting by log fires, painting scenery and taking long walks in the surrounding nature sounds like a little bit of heaven.

So after dreaming about all the different things to do in a castle for the weekend I realise I need to spend time in a castle more than once.

Fortunately kate and toms have many Castles you can hire for the weekend, week or longer and some have Thrones for you to sit on to run your Castle. Whether it is for your Wedding, a special birthday or you just think you should be in charge of a Castle and bark orders to your servants head over to our selection of castles.