How To Find Last Minute Luxury Holiday Cottages

Last minute holidays are some of the most exciting getaways to plan. But they’re not without challenges. 

You need to have a degree of flexibility when booking a last minute holiday cottage in the UK. However, if you have everything ready to go, there are some great deals to enjoy. 

If a spontaneous trip sounds like your idea of heaven, check out these tips to make the most of the options on offer. 

1. Confirm your holiday party’s available dates and preferences in advance 

While last minute holiday cottage bookings usually happen up to ten weeks before you travel. That doesn’t mean you can’t have everything ready to make the process more straightforward. 

If you’re planning on staying in a large cottage, then there are quite a few people to take into consideration. First, make a note of dates the whole party can get together. Plus, consider what extras you might like, such as a hot tub or private pool. While it might not be possible to please everyone, you’re sure to find a luxury cottage that is a fantastic compromise. 

2. Be flexible 

If you can’t be flexible on dates, you may need wiggle room on the type of property you book. Last minute breaks typically offer less choice, but that doesn’t stop you from choosing something spectacular. There’s everything from country manors to coastal retreats and even majestic castles in beautiful UK destinations. 

Another factor where flexibility helps is deciding on the location. Think about your favourite spots around the UK and how many hours away you’d prefer to travel to open up more options. Beach and coastal spots are always popular choices. So why not consider lesser-known countryside destinations to find a fantastic last minute getaway. 

3. Travel off-peak

Off-peak last minute travel dates provide some of the best discounts and deals on holiday cottage stays. These dates are generally cheaper throughout the year. However, if you’re considering a spur-of-the-moment trip during off-peak periods, there are even more savings to be had.

4. Consider how last minute you can go

Last minute holiday cottage deals typically open up around eight to ten weeks before the travel date. Some, of course, are a few weeks before. So this is a great time to consider how last minute you can travel. 

If your holiday party needs a little more time, check availability a couple of months in advance. However, if spontaneity is on the cards, you could find a fantastic offer the week before you go. 

5. Consider a midweek break

Many people book short breaks over a weekend for convenience. But, have you considered a midweek getaway to get a great deal? Weekend breaks are typically more expensive. However, if you’re flexible on dates, a last minute midweek cottage holiday is a great option. 

6. Sign up for the latest holiday offers and alerts 

One of the best ways to stay in the loop of last minute holiday cottage breaks is by signing up for updates. For example, at kate & tom’s, our helpful and regular emails give you insight into what’s available in the coming weeks and months. Alongside significant savings, you can enjoy a slice of luxury in cottages across England and Wales. 

You can also follow on Facebook and Instagram to see recent additions to the collection and the latest deals. 

7. Use a trusted holiday cottage company 

Searching for the perfect last minute holiday cottage in the UK can be a daunting task. So, to simplify the process, opt for trusted luxury cottage companies with everything under one roof. 

Choosing a specialist in larger and luxury cottages such as kate & tom’s enables you to filter your search. We handpick cottages to give you the best experience in captivating settings. Plus, no detail is left out. Our collection caters to parties of 10, 20, 30 and 40+ so you can bring the whole family together, even at the last minute. 

Moreover, there’s a choice of extras such as a private hot tub, swimming pool, games rooms and tennis courts. You don’t have to leave your pup behind either with our dog-friendly cottages catering to every family member. 

8. Keep an open mind

If you have strict criteria for your holiday, last minute breaks could present some barriers. To make a last minute holiday cottage getaway work for you and your family, it’s best to keep an open mind on what you find. In most cases, there are numerous options available to cater to all ages. 

Keeping an open mind will also allow you to immerse yourself in new experiences, even though they might not have been planned. This creates a fun and memorable holiday and gives you the opportunity to kick back in an unexpected setting. 

Find a last minute luxury holiday cottage with kate & tom’s 

Looking to escape on a last minute break? We have you covered. 

Our special offers throughout the year bring you a diverse range of holiday experiences and destinations perfect for the whole family. 

Last minute holiday cottages are available whether you’re looking to book somewhere next week or in a few months. Save money on beautiful countryside breaks or get a fantastic deal on a holiday by the sea – the choice is yours. 

Best of all, our luxury cottages have everything you could need, including the little details. So, if a swimming pool tops your wish list or you want to kick back and relax under the stars in a hot tub, we have cottages to suit your preferences. 

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