5 Amazing kate & tom’s Features

There are so many options – when to go, where to go, and what exactly you might want to find there – that it can be overwhelming.

Maybe all you know is that this year you want to do something truly special; go somewhere you’d never have thought of, surprise yourself, treat the family to an experience like no other. That’s where we come in. I’m going to show you some of the ways you can make your next holiday one to remember for a lifetime…



High-Flying Design at Birkmere Hall Estate 

Following on in similar fashion, this is another big and beautiful property steeped in history. A history with rather an interesting detail… See the gurt big whole in the wall? You can thank Cromwell for that. Or so the story goes. See, Cromwell really enjoyed sending cannonballs at incredibly high speeds through incredibly valuable buildings that may have been used by the enemy for fortification. This is called slighting, and it’s something Cromwell and the Parliamentarians were very fond of during the English Civil War. But have no fear. Though he may have impolitely left a cannonball or two at Birkmere Hall, doing so left the potential for a very fetching modern transformation. Sleeps 30-44. Lake District.



Private Railway at The Hyde

Undoubtedly one of the key features of the house, the private train and railway at The Hyde has been a constant source of excitement and joy for children throughout the years. This railway is one of the longest and most highly regarded narrow gauge steam railways in the country and meanders its patient way through tunnels, over bridges, turntables and viaducts, and effortlessly demonstrates why it is the trademark on the tongues of every person lucky enough to experience this house. Sleeps 20. Herefordshire.



Award-Winning Pool at The Moult

Now, we can’t talk of show-stopping features at kate & tom’s without tipping the hat to a house which has won more praise and adoration than maybe any other property. The Moult in Devon’s beautifully warm and very southern Salcombe is something you have to see to believe, and the same very much goes for its award-winning outdoor heated pool, stretching alongside the unbeatable views infinity-like, gorgeously blue, long and private. The Moult knows luxury like its cove knows the sea. Sleeps 16-24. Devon.



Made in Chelsea at Ladyham Hall

Whether you’re a fan of the TV show or not, Ladyham Hall takes such attention in its stride. Made in Chelsea has won the attention of millions and they were wise to want to film one of their recent episodes here. This is a house much-loved by the kate & tom’s family as well, and it’s clear to see why. Grand, gorgeous and yours for a host of occasions, Mears Ashby Hall has become its own celebrity. Sleeps 18. Northamptonshire.



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