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Whatever the occasion we have an incredible house for you

kate & tom’s is different.

We’re a small company with one big wish: for you to enjoy an extraordinary holiday, celebration or adventure.

We’re all about good times and friendly luxury.

Making extraordinary memories. Whatever the occasion, whatever the backdrop we have an incredible house for you.

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The Big Cottage Company has an unbeatable collection of Cotswolds gems, stunning seaside escapes and fantastic country houses. Simply extraordinary holiday houses for special weekends and family holidays. Now we’re growing.

We’re introducing kate & tom’s Country Houses, Weddings and Corporate Events. Hugely loveable celebration houses for 16 to 160 guests. Impressive houses in spectacular locations. The perfect setting for a memorable weekend house party, wedding or event.

At kate & tom’s Holidays we’ve ultra-stylish holiday houses. Luxury cottages for two to twenty, on the beach and in the country.  And child friendly Escapes & Adventures for toddlers, kids and teens. Recreating magical childhood holidays.

And we’ve a spectacular collection of party houses. On a kate & tom’s Party Weekend you can take over a party house, take in some incredible activities and relax in style. So gather up your friends and head off for an extraordinary weekend.

This is where it all started

The view which inspired Oak House, our first Big Cottage

kate and tom’s is a family business, in every sense. We’re a large family who enjoy each other’s company, and that’s really how the business started.

Our first Big Cottage was Oak House. Born of two converted barns, it’s a relaxed, luxurious holiday home full of oak beams and stunning views. We planned it sitting in our meadow eating blackberries, taking in the view down to the old oak tree.

Now we have more than 250 wonderful holiday houses, including eight of our own.

We love being in the business of helping people enjoy their holidays and special occasions. We delight in helping you choose the place that’s right for you. Whether it’s a big occasion or a simple family get-together, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that your experience is just about perfect.

This is where it all started This is where it all started This is where it all started This is where it all started

We're all about good times. Friendly luxury. Amazing adventures. Excellent service. Extraordinary memories.