The Vision of Arcadian Escapes
Jon Hunt’s vision… it’s my kind of vision and the more I learn about his Wilderness and how it came to be, the more respect I have not only for the initial idea, but, more importantly, its execution.

Being passionate about the utopian landscapes immortalised by Capability Brown and others, Hunt, after finding a lost 9ft plan for something truly special, set about making that something truly special come to life. I’m touching now on what we all know as the impossibly stunning Wilderness. But Rome wasn’t built in a day…

After 20 years and a gradual process of expansion, development and restoration, the estate has come into its own: this is the Arcadian dream of over 4,000 acres meticulously designed with the escapist in mind: it is as much for those of us who wish to go back to basics in the tiniest off-grid cottage as for those who wish to live it up in true grand country hall style, waited on by butlers and surrounded by no small amount of luxury.

It’s safe to say there are still patches of pastoral paradise in our fair green country; protected from the onslaught of traffic and other inevitably modern detriments. Jon Hunt was passionate about this and made it his mission to see it happen before his very eyes. Wilderness is the port in the storm; where we go to return to nature and its quiet magnificence.



Fun Facts 
• There is a lake that is 3km long
• There are 20 acres of lakes
• There are 80 acres of reed beds
• There are around 800,000 trees
• There is 1,200 acres of woodland
• There is a shepherd hut which is sat on cast-iron wheels, meaning that it can be moved to the remotest areas of the estate

Wilderness Houses of kate & tom’s
Some are part of the Rural collection, some the Lost. But whichever house you stay in at the Wilderness, you’ll find yourself nestled unmistakably in one of the last country idylls. And with so much to see and do on site and around Suffolk, you’ll never want to leave.

Sibton Park | Sleeps 24 | Suffolk
<style=”text-align: left;”>What’s true luxury? Is it chandeliers dripping with crystal charm? A movie room or on-site gym? Sibton Park in Suffolk comes with all of this, plus heated marble floors, freestanding baths and Hypnos beds. But the real indulgence is the time you spend with the ones you love.

The Clockhouse and Barn | Sleeps 14 | Suffolk
<style=”text-align: left;”>Book The Clockhouse alone or with The Barn and escape to a world of flora and fauna on the outside and eclectic warmth on the inside. Drink and dine in the courtyard. Put your feet up by the log fire. Head to the garden to soak up hot-tub bubbles or tennis-court doubles.

The Farmhouse | Sleeps 12 | Suffolk
<style=”text-align: left;”>Full of rustic charm, yet bursting with modern touches, The Farmhouse on comes with local-brick floors heated from below. Unwind in vast reception rooms on endless squishy sofas, on the sun terraces, in the hot tub and pool, or over a game of tennis. Don’t forget the Pimm’s.

The Walled Garden | Sleeps 16-28 | Suffolk
<style=”text-align: left;”>Deep in Suffolk’s rural hush sits a world of chefs, estate activities, english nature and five-star concierged luxury. The Walled Garden offers tennis in the garden, drinks and dinner on the terrace, a swim in the shared pool and three giant glasshouses for gourmet dinners, movie nights and games.

The Cartshed | Sleeps 8 | Suffolk
<style=”text-align: left;”>Is that wildebeest roaming languidly across the plain? No, it’s cows. But the panoramic windows, colourful open-plan décor and terrace dining are more Serengeti than Suffolk. Brave the big game to head out to the pool and hot tub, cook up some big-game stew in the island kitchen, and then retire to blissful Hypnos beds.

Moat Cottage | Sleeps 12 | Suffolk
<style=”text-align: left;”>High on a hill, above everyday concerns, Moat Cottage offers a deafening silence, an unending landscape and an unswerving serenity. Soak up the steam on the hot tub by your very own moat, fire up a film by the crackling fire, open the doors to the deck and drink in the landscape.