Why Renting a Holiday Home Just Makes Sense!

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Each year, more holidaymakers in the United Kingdom are deciding to stay at holiday homes instead of hotels.  There are a number of reasons for this change, including the huge number of beautiful holiday homes that have come onto the rental market in the past few years.  There are now thousands of beautiful homes that you and your family can enjoy.

Guests staying at a holiday home also gain a number of other advantages including more privacy, more space, better access to facilities and so on.  Here are a few of the key benefits gained by renting a holiday home and why renting a holiday home just makes sense!


Why Not Give Your Family a Larger Space to Enjoy?

Mears Ashby ext 2Staying in a hotel room or suite with your family can be a cramped and uncomfortable experience.  Inevitably you get in each other’s way and it’s not a particularly relaxing environment.

A holiday home will have many additional spaces to enjoy and your family can really relax.  Instead of being in the cramped and bland environment of a hotel room, your family can enjoy a large, warm and welcoming space. 



Why Should You Have to Share Your Vacation with Strangers?

WR Tennis CourtStaying in a holiday home affords you a greater level of privacy than staying in a hotel room.  In a hotel, you will constantly be bumping into people in the hallways or at the restaurant.  If you use the hotel facilities, you will also bump into people.  The swimming pool will be packed, the gym will be filled with people, the tennis court will always be booked out.

Why not rent a holiday home so you can enjoy some privacy and really get a chance to unwind.  You can be yourself in a holiday home and not be forced to deal with strangers on a regular basis.


Why Not Bring Extra Relatives Along?



Wouldn’t it be fantastic to take your parents or grandparents with you on a family vacation?  By renting a large family home, you can accommodate additional relatives and enjoy a real family reunion.  Unlike a hotel, a holiday home is a more relaxed and calm environment that your older relatives will love.




Why Should You Have to Leave the Pets at Home?


Polpier-New-49Another reason why renting a holiday home just makes sense is that you can bring your fluffy friend along!  Many holiday homes allow pets and some even have special rooms for your pet to stay in.  Why should you leave your pets at home, bring them along so you can  enjoy a great holiday experience together.


Why Not Enjoy a Private Pool, Hot Tub or Tennis Court?

Many hotels advertise a wide range of facilities which sound very attractive.  Then you arrive and everything is occupied — the tennis court is always booked, the pool is filled with screaming kids, the hot tub is constantly being used by other people.

Many holiday homes have pools, hot tubs, saunas, spas, tennis courts, home theatres and other fantastic facilities.  The best part is — you can use them whenever you want! 


Why Not Have Greater Flexibility About Where You Stay?


The Freeth 16.10.15 2There are holiday homes available to rent throughout the United Kingdom.  There are properties located everywhere — from idyllic and peaceful rural locations through to the homes in the bustling centre of London.  You can find a rental home in some locations where there are no hotels, giving you access to a holiday experience that most holiday makers won’t get. 


Why Not Enjoy a Private Gourmet Kitchen?

If you are a foodie who loves to cook, you can find a holiday home that has a great kitchen.  Some holiday homes have professional chef’s kitchens which are an absolute delight to cook in.


Why Not Find a Home That Suits Your Personality

The Curve 27.4.15 27Because there are so many holiday homes available for rent, you can always find one that suits your personality.  Perhaps you would like to stay in a modern party home that has a disco with an illuminated floor, hot tub, music in every room and a home cinema — you can find it!  Perhaps you would like to find a romantic 2-bedroom timber shack for a weekend away with your partner — that’s also available!

There are many homes available from in various architectural styles, from high-tech modernist homes through to beautiful Georgian country homes.  You can find virtually any kind of home to match your personal preferences.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why renting a holiday home just makes sense!

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