Where are the Best museums for children?

Anyone who has kids will appreciate the headache that is finding something to amuse them during the school holidays. With half term just over but Easter looming the savvy parent will have their holiday activities planned in advance. The problems start to arise when those well laid plans are dashed by the good old British weather. The perfect solution is to take advantage of the many museums peppering the UK which are aimed at children. These vary is size and theme and we have done the donkey work for you and picked out the best.


This world famous open air museum tells the story of how north east folk lived through the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras. Located near Stanley in County Durham Beamish allows kids to get up close and personal about what life was really like back then and brings those boring history lessons to life. With way too many attractions than there is time to mention here, check out the Beamish website and see for yourself what an awesome day out this is for the whole family.

World Museum. Liverpool

A good old fashioned, hands on kids museum where anything not in glass cases to be admired can be touched. By nature children DO look with their hands, despite what granny used to tell us, so a museum must cater to this to appeal to little ones. Everywhere you look there are kids touching and holding things and eagerly asking questions which the friendly and knowledgeable staff are happy to answer.

The Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent

Don’t let the name confuse you into thinking you will spending all day terrified your kids are going to break something. With the natural history gallery, story tree, secret garden, a multitude of toys to play with and the chance to dress up, this is a museum for kids par excellence. Even though this museum houses the largest ceramics collection in the world, the energy and noise levels are extraordinary and the staff are so nice and get involved so well with the kids you never feel the need to apologise for your little angel tearing around pretending to be a T Rex!

Haselmere Educational Museum, Surrey

With puzzles, drawers full of butterflies and moths to open and backpacks handed out containing all manner of pastimes this museum has really found what ticks kids boxes. They have gone to great lengths to ensure this museum is as kid friendly as possible and its popularity shows they have got it right. From low hand basins to the puppets the kids can play with and the stools supplied for them to see things higher up, this is a great museum to fill in a day of the holidays.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Take a museum full of sculptures to entrance all ages, throw in a good selection that kids are allowed to climb on and you have one of the most innovative playgrounds in the country. This is the kind of museum that sparks a child imagination, something that is sadly lacking in this age where electronics rule OK. Be prepared for a day full of “Wow” rather than “I’m bored”, it doesn’t get much better than that when you take your kids out for the day.



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