Virtual Reality: Take a Tour of a House

You often associate it with gaming. It’s that thing you’ve heard of but not necessarily seen much of. I’m not talking The Matrix. I’m not talking Inception. I’m talking Virtual Reality at kate & tom’s. See, we like to do things a little differently here. That means that, now, there’s a lot more to floorplans than you may be used to… another dimension, you might say. Technology is an amazing thing, and now is your chance to see how it’s being embraced at kate & tom’s.

Below are a collection of houses you can, well, virtually step into. Click around, walk around. See them in all their glory…

Ludbrook Manor | Sleeps 18-24 | Devon

Bristowe Hill | Sleeps 16-20 | Lake District


Derwentwater House & Derwent Lodge | Sleeps 16-20 | Lake District


Holmegate House and Wing | Sleeps 14-18 | Dorset


The Lindens | Sleeps 16-20 | Dorset


Alcester Farmhouse| Sleeps 14-16 | Cotswolds


Polpier Main House | Sleeps 16 | Cornwall


Polpier Honeymoon Suite | Sleeps 2


Penpol Main House | Sleeps 6


Penpol Garden House | Sleeps 4


Marsden Manor | Sleeps 20 | Cotswolds

The Library at Marsden Manor