Unusual Indoor Sports to Try This Winter

Winter is almost upon us, temperatures will drop and icy mornings will make getting to work a real pain. Ice on the windows of your car, icy roads and numb fingers, oh the joys! Unless you are a very tough (or crazy) individual who plans to keep their exercise regime outside, most of us will want a fun way to keep fit indoors.

It doesn’t have to be the usual same old sports you have done before like tennis, badminton, football or hockey. These days there are many, many different and unusual sports to try out inside, while having huge amounts of entertainment.

So take advantage of the cold spell this winter and try out some of the different indoor sports on offer.

Battodo Fudokan

If yoga or Pilates is way too standard for you then give this unusual sport a whirl. It’s a form of Japanese swordsmanship where you aim to mimic the skill and mindset of a swordsman in battle.

A four week beginner course will take you through all the basic stances and swinging actions, increasing your concentration, strength and flexibility.

Aerial Fitness

Another once unattainable art, formerly only seen from circus performers, has now been brought to the masses. Aerial fitness will have you clambering up and down lengths of silk, hanging from the ceiling, while trying to perform varying holds and tricks.

A great sport for overall fitness as your core muscles, plus arms, back and shoulders will get a tough workout holding your bodyweight throughout.

Pole Dancing

Fancy finding your inner diva while getting sculpted lean muscles? Then you should try out pole dancing this winter. Pole dancing has seen quite a seedy reputation in the past but over the last few years, has become more of a fantastic way to keep fit and boost your confidence in one hit.

You can start slowly in a beginner class, learning the basic hand placements and spins while building up that upper body strength. You will probably go home with a few bruises to start but as you progress you will notice that less and be impressed at how you are shimmying up that pole with ease.

Pole dancing has now also become very popular for Hen weekends too!

Indoor Rock Climbing

For a real full body challenge, try out one of the UKs fantastic indoor rock climbing facilities. If you are a complete beginner then get some direction at the start, after that keep practicing to improve your technical skills.

After your first session you will notice muscles aching that you didn’t even know you had. As well as challenging the muscles, the mind gets a workout as well as you have to work out the best way up the rock face.

Unicycle Hockey

If running around on foot playing hockey just seems way too easy for you then get yourself on a unicycle and try playing a game. It follows the same basic rules as ice hockey and can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter your level of unicycling prowess.

There are several centres dedicated to this sport, scattered throughout the UK, there is even a league! So get practicing on your unicycle and see if you can make it into one of the teams.

Chess boxing

And the winner of most unusual indoor sport for you to try this winter is the bizarre game of chess boxing. Get an intense workout for your body and mind while maybe losing a few brain cells along the way as well!

It was invented by the Dutch WCBO founder; Iepe Rubingh. Consisting of six rounds of chess mixed with five bouts in the ring, you can win by either checkmate or a knockout. If neither happens then a roundup of boxing points will be considered.

With so many interesting sports going on inside this winter, there really is no excuse to get bored with the same old indoor workouts. Step out of your comfort zone and give one of these unusual disciplines a whirl.


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