The Rewards of Taking Your Dog on Holiday in the UK

For dog lovers, going on holiday without your dog might seem like something unimaginable. The thought of leaving him or her at home with a stranger could leave your four legged friend confused and sad at why he has been abandoned. Bless his little cotton socks, he doesn’t understand that you will be back in a week or two.

Leaving your best friend behind just wouldn’t be as fun as well. These days luckily there are plenty of options to take your canine with you without too much extra hassle with many Dog friendly properties available. It just takes a little bit of extra planning to make sure everyone is aware and happy about the situation.


Depending on you and your dog, your perfect vacation might be staying in a rural cottage surrounded by fields and long trails or by the beach to while away the days in a hammock while your dog snoozes under a tree.

It might be hiking up mountains or even walking around a historical city. A city break might not be the first choice with a dog but if it’s what you plan to do then there are plenty of hotels and guesthouses that will cater to people with dogs, as long as you let them know beforehand.


Holidaying with your dog can be great fun but it can pose challenges and a little consideration for him is needed before you go. Not every dog will enjoy being surrounded by noisy tourists in busier destinations. Some dogs just might not be cut out for a rugged camping adventure or staying in a city environment.

If travelling is new to your dog, he might get over excited or nervous in a car or when he meets other people or dogs. This could lead to destructive behaviour and costly repairs which wouldn’t be great.

So how do you make your vacation with your dog a happy, fun filled experience for both of you? It all starts with doing a little research and a little preparation.

I have friends who have gone on biking trips with their dogs all through the country or gone on canoeing and hiking trips with their favourite pooches. They told me it was such a rewarding time with their dogs but just took a little bit more planning beforehand.

Before you do anything, have a little think about your dog’s personality. Does he like quiet and calm or is he more the adventure seeker? Does he socialise with other dogs and people well? Has he travelled before? Does he have any limitations or diet restrictions?



After answering these questions you can narrow down the perfect destination for your holiday. If he loves other people and dogs then maybe he would be ok with the hustle and bustle of a city. If he needs more calm then maybe a retreat by a lake or in the woods might be best.

Once you have decided where, then you need to make checks to find out if any potential hotels or places you will stay are accepting of dogs. Kate and toms have a large selection of properties around the UK which are perfect for Dogs, head over to our dog friendly page to see for yourself. If you prefer a Hotel usually a quick Google search or a phone call can get you this information. Make sure you ask detailed questions as a lot will say ‘dog friendly’ or ‘dogs allowed’ and this can mean different things.

A big part of having a fun vacation with your dog is making sure he is basically trained. If you will be staying in a hotel or campsite, making sure he relieves himself in the correct spot will be a lot easier for you if he has been trained a little.

Also be aware that he might get spooked by new noises or people. On a camping holiday with my dog one time, we had quite a few sleepless nights to start as he wasn’t used to the sound of owls hooting and the windy weather howling around us.

If you put in a little effort to research and prepare your dog though, taking him on holiday with you can be a really rewarding and fun filled time for both of you. It will create many great memories and strengthen your bond with your favourite, four legged friend so he never has to wonder why you disappear for two weeks at a time again.


kate and toms dog friendly properties are ideal for the whole family, if you require further information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01242 235151


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