The Most Picturesque Dorset Walks Through Nature

Everyone deserves to step out of their busy schedules to take a leisurely stroll in the park, to simply feel the warmth of morning sun on their face, to enjoy the refreshing gust of wind as it blows through their hair and to simply walk on a lovely nature-nestled trail.

Here is a list of most picturesque Dorset walks — hand-picked to give you an appetising taste of what Dorset has to offer!


Corfe Castle


If looking at an overpowering ruined castle sitting atop an imposing hill with a spectacular view of the hillside is your idea of an adventurous walk, then get ready to put on your walking shoes and head towards Corfe Castle. There are very few castles, that even in ruins, have such a gasp-inducing effect on its beholders like the Corfe. This formidable fortress was thought to be the inspiration for Enid Blyton’s Kirrin Castle of the Famous Five Series. Thanks to all the human activity surrounding this castle for the past thousands of years, its outer edges have taken a rather interesting shape. For the tired trekkers, the Bankes Arms Hotel offers hot cream teas while the beer loving visitors can go straight ahead to the Greyhound Inn for a strong pint.


Old Harry Rocks


The Old Harry Rocks are easily identified with their unique and signature formation. The beautiful chalk white contrasts with the lush green landscape of the formation making it one of the sights you won’t forget. The unique geological formation is a reward to all those who walk up to this natural wonder, and go up to the chalk headland and you will be able to view the entire coastline from Poole harbour to Bournemouth. Now threatened by sea erosion, you may want to start walking soon!


Bournemouth Coast Path


The Bournemouth Coast Path is one of the most beautiful walks you’ll ever take, which will take you along the coastline from Swanage to Lymington. The pristine blue waters of the ocean, the untouched beaches of Bournemouth and Sandbanks beckon every walker to its shoreline. The walk allows you to enjoy the nature reserve where you can see a variety of birds and coastal animal life. And while you are walking along the coastline, don’t miss out on the beautiful and breathtaking Christchurch harbour. The final touch of the walk is a scenic view of the Isle of Wight during the walk from Keyhaven to Lymington.


Lulworth Cove to Durdle Door


This 6.5 km short walk offers you some of the most stunning natural features of this Jurassic coast. It takes you from the quiet village of West Lulworth, studded with neat rows of chimney decked cottages. If you get unusually thirsty along the way, head to the Castle Inn – one of the most authentic and oldest pubs in the whole of Dorset, which has been in business since the early 16th century. The trail will lead you to the serene Lulworth Cove – a bay that is almost enclosed in what could have been a perfect circle. This sheltered are is said to have been formed thousands of years ago due to the combined forces of the river and sea acting against one another. And head along the trail to find a breathtaking natural wonder — the natural limestone arch, along with sandy beaches and caves.


South Dorset Ridgeway


Being a part of the South West Coast Path National Trail, the scenic beauty of the South Dorset Ridgeway is best enjoyed on foot, which will take you through the ceremonial wonderment of South Dorset. This enchanting place will certainly leave an indelible mark on your mind. The trail — which was once used by natives more than 5000 years ago — will lead you straight to the immaculate coastline of Dorset.

Far from the cacophony of the cities, far from the snarling traffic, far from the compulsions of modernity — there are a number of pristine and picturesque locations in Dorset, perfect for the adventurer in you, for the meanderer, the photographer, the eccentric and enthusiastic nature lover.


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