The Biggest Wedding Trends of 2015

There is no shortage of exciting new ideas for weddings in 2015 as couples look for a way to make their event unique and interesting. Here are some of the biggest wedding trends of 2015.


British Influence and Classic Design

The popularity of Downton Abbey is probably responsible for this particular trend! Many couples are opting to have weddings held at beautiful estates in the classical British style. The events attempt to emulate weddings of the 18th and 19th-Century and feature vintage tablecloths, large bouquets of roses, string quartets, butlers, candelabras and lots of champagne. Guests will dress to match the occasion, in beautiful gowns and well-tailored 3-piece suits.




Increasingly Clever Theme Weddings

Theme weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years and many couples are beginning to put some serious thought into developing a unique theme. Rustic weddings are growing in popularity, with carefully selected venues that have an authentic vibe and an exclusion of modern technology. Meals are kept simple, music is played by real musicians and the atmosphere is intimate.

Common theme weddings have also been further developed, so instead of having a 1920’s themed wedding, couples will have a 1920’s “World Traveller” wedding, where people dress as explorers and globe trotters.

Weston Park 1

Unusual Locations Becoming Popular

Many couples are looking for more unique and interesting locations in which to hold their weddings. Couples will match their location based on their wedding theme, so it may vary from a 15th-Century mansion through to a barn or even a warehouse.

Renting large stately homes for the entire weekend has remained a popular choice for couples. Many more guests can be accommodated on the grounds and the event turns into an entire weekend of celebrations.


Bright and Bold Flowers Remain Popular

The trend amongst flowers is use anything exceptionally vibrant. English roses, hydrangeas, dahlias, and ranunculus are all very popular in 2015 because of their ability to light up a room.

Some weddings using a lot more greenery in their table settings, incorporating herbs and vines to create table runners. Some popular choices for adding greenery include rosemary, lemon leaf, ivy, mint and maidenhair fern. They can be used to add a softer edge to furniture and the addition of herbs creates a relaxing aroma.

Other weddings are choosing to use whatever flowers are in bloom around the local area during the time of the wedding. Often this idea is combined with the choice in food — using locally sourced produce that is in season. For rustic weddings, a common choice is to use blooms that have been gathered from fields in the local area.

Brides are also increasing using flower crowns and floral accessories as a part of their wedding dress in 2015.

WR The Clockhouse Dining 1

Family-style Feasts

In terms of how food is given to attendees, couples are starting to use more diverse options including family-style feasts. Instead of receiving your plated dinner, a variety of options will be placed on the table and people hand the plates around, as they might when eating at home with the family. It is a great way to get guests talking to each other and allows them to choose only the foods they are interested in. It is more casual and suits a rustic or intimate wedding perfectly.

Some weddings are even hiring food trucks to prepare the food for their event. Guests can simply choose the kind of food they are interested in from the truck’s menu.


Many Types of Drinks

Instead of offering a basic bar for guests, some couples are opting for wine, beer or spirit tastings at their reception. Guests can try different boutique beers or local wines which they may have never had before.

Champagne is also seeing a return in popularity with many themed weddings having champagne towers.

Live Bands Popular Once Again

More couples are choosing to have live music at their wedding rather than a DJ. A live band makes a reception more memorable compared to having a DJ playing songs that guests have heard dozens of times before.


Wedding Dress

In terms of dresses, the trend in 2015 is for dresses that are light-weight, classical in detailing and which expose the shoulders. Many brides are opting for gowns that have fine lace details, look very elegant and display a hint of classical design.


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