The 10 Best Places to Learn to Sail in the UK

Setting out on the sea, chasing the sun, discovering new lands and reaching out to the furthest corners of foreign oceans might sound like a ‘wild’ dream. These fantasies manage to conjure up an image of adventure, quest and romance. And if you have been under the impression that sailing is too dangerous or too difficult, that it is too expensive or too time consuming, here is the moment of truth. Sailing is a relatively easy skill to learn, especially with the amount of help and training available.


Sunsail Sailing Schools


Sunsail has a number of sailing courses for both beginners and advanced professionals. With their sailing instructors certified by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA), you don’t just get a dose of fun in the sun, but also the chance to learn all the basics of sailing. They can help you on the Level 0 course that turns a novice into a useful crew member, or perhaps you already know the ropes and the Level 3 course is best to improve your sailing abilities, where you’ll be able to charter any Yacht in any sea.

Classic Sailing


Classic Sailing is one of the more popular destinations for novice sailors and beginners. Recognised by the RYA, it offers a long list of courses from practical sailing lessons and competent crew courses to day skipper lessons and the Yachtmaster Offshore qualification. In addition to these high-level sailing courses, you can also join a few ‘mini courses’ that aim to make sailing fun. You’ll be able to choose from a number of subjects, even ones that have nothing to do with sailing such as taking the best sunset pictures!


Aqua Sports Company


Aqua Sports Company is one of the oldest dinghy sailing training companies in the nation. With more than 15 years of experience and being an RYA training centre, it teaches a variety of dinghy sailing courses. You can learn all the basics of dinghy sailing with the Level 1 course, the basic skills Level 2, or try the Seamanship and Spinnaker courses. Moreover, there are courses specifically designed to meet the needs of adult and junior learners.


Elite Sailing


Elite Sailing is one of the most sought-after training centres in London. Regardless of the qualification or the lack of it, there is a course designed specifically for you. Beginners can learn to sail a yacht or power a motor cruiser, and experienced sailors can undertake the coastal skipper or the Yachtmaster course. With their patient, friendly and experienced trainers teaching you the ropes, there is nothing to stop you from hopping in a boat!


Queen Mary Sailing Club


The Queen Mary Sailing Club is a well-established RYA certified training centre that offers a long list of courses for both beginners and the more experienced. Furthermore, it also conducts classes for all age groups from 8 and upwards. In fact, you don’t need to have any kind of sailing experience before you step aboard one of the boats. And if you’re interested, you can also learn a few basics about windsurfing while you’re there!


Northumbria Sailing


Northumbria Sailing is one of the most affordable training centres in London. This centre offers a huge selection of practical courses for beginners and experienced sailors in a fun and interactive manner. From a two day Yachting course for beginners to a five day Coastal Skipper course, the choice is yours!


Alton Water


One of the largest training centres around, Alton Water offers a number of RYA certified dinghy sailing and windsurfing courses. They provide basic courses for beginners and advanced courses for the experienced sailors. Moreover, most of the courses do not require experience or prior training. These are designed for enthusiastic individuals of all ages, and if you’re between 16 and 21, you can also get discounted powerboat training!


The Glaciere Maritime Academy


The Glaciere Maritime Academy is a well-established, RYA-approved power boating and sailing training centre. Being extremely popular among enthusiastic sailors and professionals, the academy offers a number of courses. It also offers equipment which saves you from hidden costs and expensive course materials.


Greenwich Yacht Club


The Greenwich Yacht club is a popular training centre both among young beginners and experienced sailors alike, with a number of courses available from day skipper training to basic sea survival sessions. Beginners can also enjoy mini sessions such as first aid training and VHF radio operator courses. The Greenwich Yacht club prepares you well for the sea; regardless of your prior sea experience, you’ll be able to sail away with floating colours!


Mylor Yacht Cruising


Whether you want to learn to sail or move from being a comfortable sailor to a competent one, the Mylor Yacht Cruising is the perfect place to learn what you need. They provide RYA-approved courses for everyone: beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Moreover, you can either choose to attend an RYA approved course on offer or choose to design your own sessions depending on your specific needs.

These are some of the best places to learn to sail in the UK and believe me, knowing the front from the back of a sailboat is not a requirement to enrol! However, having an acute sense of adventure could be an added advantage…


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