Staycations Are the New Holidays Abroad!

With the effects of the recession fresh in people’s minds, staycations in the UK are remaining a popular holiday option.

Staycation means spending time in one’s own country, usually staying at home, involving day trips to local attractions. This in turn will have a positive effect on Britain’s economy (which could do with some help) and hopefully help people to save a few pennies.



When I was younger, I have some of my best memories of holidays on UK beaches with my family. My brothers and I used to spend hours playing in the sand and they would bury me up to my neck and think it was hilarious to leave me there while they ate an ice-cream.

Britain cannot compete with most of the usual holiday destinations in weather but it does have a lot to offer, usually which we all overlook when thinking of our next break.

For those needing to de-stress, a break at a hotel or spa or even rent a cottage could be the answer. There are usually all sorts of deals and packages you can find online to suit different budgets and preferences. You can find these retreats in cities or out in the country, ideal for a break away with friends or your partner.




City breaks are also becoming more popular. British cities offer culture, great dining, contemporary architecture, bustling shops and exciting nightlife. Big cities like London, Edinburgh and Manchester are always popular but don’t overlook the smaller ones like Brighton, Bournemouth and Blackpool which are oozing with seaside charm. Depending on the time of year there are many different festivals going on from food to music. Britain also has some of the best theatre and dance productions you will find anywhere in the world.

Rural staycations are a lovely way to get back in touch with nature. You could stay in a manor house or quaint cottage set in beautiful surroundings. Or maybe stay at a local guesthouse or even camp out in one of Britain’s many affordable campsites. You will find delicious home cooked food at local taverns which will keep you going after days out walking or cycling around the picturesque surroundings.

Some of the most popular country destinations are the Cotswold’s, the New Forest and the Yorkshire Downs. But again don’t just stick to these; there are so many more quaint little villages to discover.




If you are planning to stay at home for your staycation then do some research into your local area. Chances are there is a lot you have not done yet. Usually when you live in a place you tend to not visit all the tourist attractions on offer as you don’t think of yourself as a tourist.

Check out any museums in your area.  Occasionally they will have free admission days, especially if you are a local resident. You could visit a water park, zoo or aquarium which will have all different interesting shows on.

Take a look in your local newspaper to find out if there are any free festivals or low cost theatre productions. There could be something on in your local park that you could incorporate with a picnic for the whole family.

Get out into the great outdoors with the kids. If you can manage to choose a day when it’s not raining you can go on some lovely walks or cycle rides about to discover somewhere new. Locate some local walking trails or just go out and get lost for the day, this can be the best way to find out about a place.



My Grandpa used to live in the beautiful Surrey countryside. His house was surrounded by fields and was next to the forest entrance where we used to go on long walks. I used to horse ride a lot and would go off on my own for hours into the forest, not having a clue where I was. When I was ready to go home I would just drop the reins and the horse would always get me home safely again.

I have had so many fun holidays in the UK but am definitely guilty of chasing the sun since I’ve got older and always going abroad.




There are so many things you could do on a staycation that you just don’t normally have time for, head over to our property page for the first step in making your own memories of having a holiday in the UK.



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