Preparing My Cottage to Rent Out

Tough economic times are forcing many cottage owners to give selling their cottage a serious thought. However, the solution to this problem need not be as drastic as actually selling it —renting out your property is a smart way to make money while maintaining ownership.


While many cottage owners have been renting out their property for years through sheer word of mouth, the changing times and technology have forced others to build websites and advertise their cottages to draw in the crowds.


Although any cottage will attract potential renters, it’s essential your cottage is as presentable and liveable as can be. But before you do anything, here are a few simple questions to get you started:


Firstly, Are You Sure?


Many cottage owners get carried away with the notion of earning an extra few bucks. Make sure it’s the right thing to do; take any necessary precautions before renting out to be certain others will treat it how you would.


How Interesting is the Location?


There are cottages all over the place to rent, and the chance of someone deciding to live there depends largely on its location. If someone is after a surfing property but your cottage is in the Scottish Highlands, you may need to reengineer your marketing message.


If it’s located near a beach or has a great view, your marketing task will be a lot easier. Cottages near beaches, riverfront, mountains, famous landmarks or nestled in forests are often a big hit with people looking for somewhere to stay.


Although it’s difficult to change the location, bear this in mind when trying to attract potential renters.


Is it Liveable? Is it Likeable?


Now that you have decided to rent out your cottage, are the interior and exterior presentable and fit for residence?


Clean up the place, remove anything broken and make sure it isn’t dirty. People who rent vacation cottages are looking for a place that is neat, has all the amenities, and is comfortable. No one wants to move into a home with a broken bathroom or that has a bag of a garbage under the couch.


What About Housekeeping?


After cleaning up the whole place and making it look presentable, consider investing in someone to help out with the housekeeping who can take care of your cottage even when you’re away.


When renters start occupying the cottage, having someone to keep everything in order is ideal. And they could also help by informing you about any damage or problems.


Do You Have the Basic Amenities?


Every guest these days expects certain basic amenities. Is there a TV, internet, etc? Do the bathroom and kitchen work? Are there enough towels, cleaning products, cutlery, etc?


Having these is necessary, and faltering here could make or break your cottage-renting business.


Extra Preparation


Although you could leave it at the very basics, why not give it some extra oomph —welcome packs, cottage information, spare keys. Why not leave some chocolates on their pillows, or provide local information about places to visit and interesting landmarks?


Have You Advertised It?


Now your cottage is ready to rent out, it’s time to draw in the crowds. Local papers and magazines are always an option, but by far the best way to go is the internet. You could advertise through sites dedicated to displaying cottages like kate and toms, or even set up your own online real estate.


And when spreading the word, bear in mind that good quality photos are a must. They can make the difference between a good renting season and a terrible one.


Alone or Through an Agency?


You have to decide whether you want the help of a marketing agency or instead continue down the do-it-yourself route. While each of these have their own advantages, using an agency in the beginning is a wise choice as you’re learning the ropes; it can reduce the pressure as you make your mark on the cottage-renting world.

Renting a cottage can be great fun —helping people enjoy an excellent visit and hearing their experiences afterward. Pay attention to some of these guidelines and you’ll be sure to ease the process of preparing your cottage to rent out.



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