Make This October Half-Term Extra Special For The Kids

Come October and we are all clamouring for ideas that make the October half-term extra special for the kids. Naturally, the juniors are excited to know what entertaining plans you have come up with this year that can turn the mundane half-term into a memorable one. You have the pressure to deliver something exciting — and quick — and you need to think of it now (if you haven’t already).

Last minute decisions are not always the right ones; so we have pondered and deliberated to make a list of activities that have the potential to turn this years October half-term into something special for everyone.

Edinburgh Dungeon 2

Edinburgh Dungeon

Why not start with a spooktacular visit to the Edinburgh Dungeon, where it opens up its heavy doors and provides a long list of spooky events for older kids. Visit the pumpkin-decked dungeon with eerie and entertaining special effects, the hair-raising underground rides, 11 exciting shows with truckloads of laughs, screams, howls. And there’s also a good storytelling session as well! Get ready to be spooked from the 10th of October to the 2nd of November — a perfect solution for your dungeons-loving kids.

The Grant Museum Of Zoology Houses A Collection Of Weird And Wonderful Artefacts

The Grant Museum of Zoology

Make sure you keep the 28th of October free in your calendar, because you shouldn’t miss the family film night at The Grant Museum of Zoology in the Rockefeller Building. It is perhaps the one museum where you would expect animal skeletons to swoop down and come to life; and that is why it is screening The Night at the Museum. It’s no doubt your kids would love the movie surrounding by the entangled animals.

Roker Seafront Pods

Even if you don’t understand the lingo of wizards and witches, you can help the young magicians enjoy their interests! Get down to the Roker Seafront Pods on the 30th of October, and enjoy mixing potions and have your kids turn their friends into frogs or a toad into tall glass. This is the perfect afternoon session learning all about levitating a feather and brewing potions of pure luck!


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

The best place to celebrate the Hindu festival of lights, the Diwali, is at the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on the 25th and 26th of October. Your kids would enjoy putting intricate mehandi designs on their hands and also learn to make traditional lanterns. And there is more — the fun continue over the weekend with a number of Halloween themed events including pumpkin carving, mask making and a lot more.

Tullie House

And who doesn’t like a good dose of Zombies on the Halloween weekend? Join the enthusiastic group of excited adventurists who are on the verge of undertaking a trip of their lifetime exploring the galleries of Tullie House which is teeming with howling zombies! And if you think it is going a little too far on the scary-scale, then you could try the pumpkin carving and bat box building events held between the 25th and 31st of October instead.


Brecon Beacons

If your kids are dreaming of becoming a star-seeking astronaut, then why not ignite their enthusiasm by going to the Robotics Workshop at the Brecon Beacons on the 27th of October? Let your kids learn all the basics of planning and constructing a robot ready to take on a lunar mission. Some maths is involved, but your kids will enjoy the fun that comes with it!

Dartmouth Food Festival

Food! Did we miss out food? Celebrate the best of British food at the Dartmouth Food Festival. Held from the 24th to the 26th of October, this three-day food festival is easy on your wallet and your eyes, but a joy for your tastebuds. Hands-on workshops that teach you to prepare some authentic British cuisine with interactive educational cooking events for anyone to attend, this free festival is a perfect get together for the whole family.

There are a number of exciting events being held across the nation that can help with great half-term activities, Besides these events, you can also cook up some great activities to do at home. Having fun doesn’t require you to spend a lot; as long as your kids are enjoying the holidays, you are right on track!

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