Luxury Self-Catering Cottages

Mangerton-House-3-64There are hundreds of luxury cottages available to rent across the United Kingdom with a diverse range of options and features.   Cottages range from incredible 18th-Century farmsteads that are self-catered through to glamorous country homes that are fully catered.

While some people prefer fully catered accommodation options while on holiday, there are a number of advantages to choosing a luxury self-catered cottage.  Here are a few benefits of choosing the self-catered option and some cottages with incredible kitchens!


Benefits of Choosing a Luxury Self-Catering Cottage


The-Moult-29.6-foodThere are many benefits for choosing self-catering, including:

  • Eat What You Want!
    While most cottages have some excellent pubs and restaurants in the local area, they may not always serve the kinds of food that you enjoy. You might have a craving for Indian food, but not have an Indian restaurant available within 100-miles!  A luxury self—catered cottage allows you to cook the food you love.
  • Stay Healthy While on Holiday
    Enjoying delicious pub food or fine dining restaurants is the best part of holidaying for many people, but all of those rich, fatty and creamy foods can catch up with your waistline! You might have made a commitment to lose a few kilograms while on holiday and are looking for super healthy meals that work well with your fitness regime.  Self-catering allows you to maintain tight control over your diet and have a healthy holiday.


  • A Foodies Holiday!
    You might be participating in some cooking classes while on holiday or just interested in learning more about cooking while on holiday. Deciding to self-cater and choosing a cottage with a beautiful kitchen will help you develop your skills.
  • Eat When You Feel Like It
    You might be the kind of person who enjoys having a very late dinner or early lunch. Instead of having catered food arrive too early or too later, you can choose precisely when you cook and what you cook.
  • Eat Like a Local
    If you really want to experience what life is like as a local, you can buy the same ingredients they buy and cook the same meals they cook!
  • Cater to Unusual Diets of Your Guests
    If you or your guests are vegan, vegetarian, or have a specific allergy, you might prefer to cook your own food while on holiday. Some of your guests might be on a special paleo or no-carbohydrate diet.  Choosing a self-catered cottage allows you to prepare meals that cater your unique requirements.

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  • Greater Flexibility
    The last thing you want while on holidays is to be locked into a specific schedule. If you are enjoying a few drinks at a local pub, you shouldn’t be forced to rush back to the cottage to be there when the caterer shows up.  Self-catering gives you a huge amount of flexibility.
  • Enjoy local produce
    One of the best parts about holidaying in a rural part of the United Kingdom is that you get to access some incredible produce. You can visit a farmers market at the local village and return to your cottage with a huge amount of cheap, delicious and nutritious produce.  By selecting a luxury self-catering cottage, you can experiment with local vegetables, wines, fruit and cheeses to create a delicious and unforgettable meal that represents the local region.
  • It’s Cheaper to Cook For Yourself
    Eating at restaurants every night or enjoying a fully catered holiday can be very expensive. You can save hundreds of pounds by preparing your own food — extra money that can be used to rent a more luxurious cottage!


Some of the Best Self-Catering Cottages

There are dozens of cottages that feature beautiful kitchens that are a pleasure to use.   Here are a few of the best!


  • Montpellier Town House, Cheltenham (Sleeps 9-14)
    A huge, extravagant dining room and a state-of-the-art kitchen featuring two ovens with induction hob, microwave, food processor, ice-making machine, separate scullery kitchen for food preparation, and a huge fridge-freezer. The perfect location for foodies who want to impress guests!
  • The Court House, Gloucestershire (Sleeps 16-18)
    A great accommodation option for a group of friends, The Court House has a magnificent wood-panelled dining room, huge chef’s kitchen and two out door BBQs.
  • Campden Edge, Chipping Campden (Sleeps 10)
    Located in the stunning North Cotswolds, this cottage is perfect for a larger family or group of friends. Its open plan design makes it ideal for medium-sized gatherings and the kitchen is absolutely beautiful.  It features a seven-ring gas range with griddle, two large ovens (one with facility for pizza/bread baking), combination oven, American-style fridge freezer, microwave, dishwasher and barbecue.




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