Lakes by yoo

A Cotswold Statement

Lechlade in the Cotswolds has a lot to write home about but there’s one particular area that you’ll want to hear about and maybe even pencil into your diary for that summer getaway or romantic winter weekend. It is a place like no other, an example of quality demonstrated in a number of ways, each complimenting the next: sophistication married with seemingly effortless chic design; rich variety and uniqueness spread across a handful of gems set along the shores of the Lechlade Lakes – Bowmoor, Clearwater, Longdoles, Huntsmans and Warrens Cross.

kate and tom’s are both proud and excited to have taken on a number of the houses from this impressive estate, so we want to shed more light on what it is and what you can find there if you’re one of the lucky ones escaping to the Barnhouse, Coln Lodge or Huntsman Lakehouse this year.

Barnhouse Master Bedroom

Ingenuity in Interior Design

If there’s one fundamental expression, one key aspect apparent throughout the estate’s myriad houses here, it is design. And when we say design, we mean the sort of design that becomes a flourish to a stay, a lasting impression you’ll be talking about in admiration for weeks to come; and it is the names involved in that design inspiring pure confidence.

At the Lakes by yoo, design has been taken on and expertly executed by some big names. Find yourself in the Barnhouse, the estate’s flagship property, and find yourself surrounded by the glitz and glamour, the plush and the lush, courtesy of Kate Moss, whose iconic image waits framed in subtle corners as the signature to the work of art.

With Jade Jagger and Kelly Hoppen also making an appearance in the arena of design, you’ll see what we mean by variety: compare the rustic twist on the modern sharpness of the Orchard Lakehouse to the cool clean neutrals of Claydon Lodge. Every property has its own voice, its own patterning, colour coding, detailing and finishing. Come to be spoilt and to be inspired.


Luxury, Leisure and the Lakes

As impressive as the houses here, there is the Lakes setting. No matter the weather, there are a number of distractions conveniently close by. Whether it’s an afternoon of kayaking or canoeing with the family while the sun is high and clear over the calm, mirrored water, or sending the kids off to the Kids Club while you and your partner slide into a morning of serenity beside the pool or in the hot tub after – or during – your champagne breakfast.

It will seem there’s no end to the touches of quality and luxury, and the best part is that it’s all yours from the comfort of the house. If you don’t feel like cooking, have a private chef serve you the start of the perfect night in. Though there’s a lot to see and do around Lechlade and the Cotswolds, the estate will demonstrate time and again that you can have the perfect holiday without having to venture out at all. From treatments at the spa and trips to the sauna and steam room to your daily laps in the large indoor pool; from professional fitness sessions to lazy evenings in the living room or leisurely strolls around the neighbouring lakes.

The parting feeling once you’ve packed your things and you’re ready (but reluctant) to leave? It’s a feeling of being let in on something special, something exclusive, something you’ll want to tell your friends and family all about not just because you had the time of your life, but because you want them to see it too. The Lakes by yoo is no secret, but once you’ve truly discovered it for yourself, you will hold that newfound knowledge and those lasting impressions dearly.

Lakes by Yoo Outside View

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