Is it time to leave the City to live in the Country?

There are lots of things to think about when deciding whether you should make the big move to the country. Can you afford the move? Will you enjoy the slower pace of life? Will you find a job?

Moving to the country will be a lot simpler way of life. Country life has less traffic and noise. There will sometimes only be a few local shops and a pub. Everyone will know everyone so everything you do will be local news. But with this comes a higher sense of community and social interaction.

If you have lived in the city for a while now though, this might be the change you are looking for. The pace of city life can leave you feeling exhausted and stressed out. Constant traffic jams and queues for the bus or in a shop. You often face long journeys every day to get to work on public transport with someone’s armpit in your face. You have high living costs and bills coming out of your ears just to live near some life.


If all these things about city life are starting to get to you then maybe a move to the country is the thing for you.

Country life could help you reduce your stress levels, increase job satisfaction, increase quality of life, reduce cost of living and improve family time.

Just picture it; walking to work through beautiful lanes lined with trees and flowers, noqueuing for and being squashed in to a bus or train. No traffic jams or hard time trying to find a parking space.



Walking to Work at Rush hour!


You could maybe start your own business, or have a few part time jobs. You could sell your own jam or make little crafts to sell. You could paint or write a novel. Whatever it is you choose to do it would definitely beat sitting at a desk 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, most weeks of the year.

This would leave you more time to explore your hobbies. No longer would that game of golf or day out with the kids have to wait so long. Growing your own fruit and vegetables could definitely be possible. Nothing tastes better than fresh fruit and vegetables on your plate and a much healthier option for all the family.

So is moving to the country part of your life long dream? The dream goes something like this; get out of the corporate rat race, meet soul mate, have a family, set up your own business, get a dog/horse/chickens.

Maybe this dream has only been a passing thought before but as life goes on in the city the passing thought starts to visit you more frequently.


The Village Pub

The Village Pub


If this is so then start to take time to work towards making this dream happen. It is a totally attainable dream. Start exploring avenues of how you would make it happen. Look into where you would want to move to, how much money you would want to spend. What interests/skills could you turn into a way to make money for yourself?

Do it now, seize the day. Don’t procrastinate too much.  There will never be a perfect time. Start the ball rolling. Don’t wait until the stresses of city life get too much for you.


A popular thing to do when moving to a new location is to visit the area and rent a house, a kind of ‘try before you buy’ deal. When you find the right location where you wish to start the next chapter of your life you can go shopping for a new home. Kate and toms have many properties that you can rent for either short weekend stays or a little longer to help you find that location. Head over to our Country Houses page to pick you new home town.




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