A celebration of sheer Englishness

Dedicated downtime at Goodwood Cottage comes in the shape of shared spa and health club, tennis court and heated pool. The drawing room invites cards or charades; the terrace a barbie and beers. When the kids are worn out, light the logs, uncork the wine and celebrate the sheer Englishness of it all.

Welcome to Downtime Abbey

Goodwood Cottage in the North Cotswolds is warm, inviting and cosy. With shared spa and health club on site, fitness studio, heated indoor pool and tennis court, it’s your venue for some dedicated downtime.

But Goodwood is beautiful on the inside, too. That’s ensured with the country-chic furnishings, deep carpets, heavy curtains and homely rugs. Get the family together around the dining table, cook or be catered for, remember today and plan for tomorrow.

The drawing room is made for movie nights, cards or charades, or maybe a naughty nightcap. That’s for when the kids have collapsed into bed after sampling the shared outdoor play area, indoor games room, tennis court, playhouses, and pedal cars and bikes.

Outside, the lawn suggests croquet; the terrace a barbie and beers, or maybe just a good book beneath the yew hedges. Lift your gaze and refocus now and then, in quiet contemplation, on the honeysuckle, the lilies and the lavender, or the sycamore trees that frame the ancient abbey.

Indulge in the Cotswolds

Get pampered and prettified on site, shoot some clay or get seduced by the spa pool. Elsewhere, there’s modern art and a model village within miles. See the penguins at Birdland, or waddle your own way down round the bookshops of Burford. Go wild at the wildlife park and pork out at the Kingham Plough.

Indulge in the Cotswolds Indulge in the Cotswolds Indulge in the Cotswolds Indulge in the Cotswolds