House of the Month: The Old Manor

the old manor


Welcome to grandeur


That’s what you come upon all at once: an exquisite example of a period house that dominates the scene. As you stretch your legs and hear that first evocative crunch on the veritable field of gravel at your feet, The Old Manor’s façade opens up in both reality and imagination with lines so clean and precise the whole effect is almost one of a model architecture. But this is no toy. The door stands tall and solid beyond the island and it draws you into a ready world of classicist design and spirit, which still has time and space for compliments of the new.

Once you’ve composed yourself – scratch that; bask in it – as you continue to wander wide-eyed through this experience, make your way inside. You’d be forgiven for recalling Downton Abbey as The Old Manor’s interiors quickly start to unfold. That same precision in design and attention to detail; ornate furnishings; numerous works of art; rooms framed in rich, dark wood polished to a fine finish; chandeliers holding the natural light that floods through each tall window; the colours and materials and order so considerately juxtaposed throughout every room, each steeped in character you’ll come to know and come to love.


old manor


Discovering Dorset


This coveted corner of the country is notorious for bringing to the mind those idyllic English seaside holidays. Famous for a plethora of coastal treats, Dorset has something for everyone. From the immensely popular 7-mile stretch of Bournemouth Beach to the stunning shoreline of the Jurassic Coast, encompassing 185 million years of earth’s history in just 95 miles, Dorset will see to all your needs: rejuvenation, exploration, education, history, adventures, luxury, quality food and drink, fun, fun and more fun!

Other highlights not to miss include Poole Harbour, a haven for watersports; Surf Reef, which is Europe’s first ever artificial surf reef; Maiden Castle, the largest and most complex Iron Age hill fort in Britain; and Abbotsbury Swannery, which is a lovely option for kids, where some 600 free-flying swans choose to nest every May. For the adults, there are many great options for simple- and fine dining, cosy evening drinks, as well as bars and clubs. Dorset will see you wasting no time during your stay. Whether it’s a chilled getaway or an action-packed adventure for all the family, you’re covered for an unforgettable experience.





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