House of the Month: Alcester Farmhouse

Alcester Farmhouse | Sleeps 12-16 | Alcester Heath, Warwickshire


 The Star of Warwickshire


As soon as you’ve turned into the drive at Alcester Farmhouse, you’re immediately left with the impression that you’ve come upon something special, something that you need to see for yourself. And that’s exactly what it’s waiting for, holding within its centuries-old, quintessentially English walls a host of subtle luxuries and confident statements of style. This old hunting lodge, nestled in homeliness and a strong relationship with nature, really is the star of Warwickshire; and whether you’re lucky enough to make it home for a weekend or a week, it will take mere moments to leave you pining for permanence.

If the irresistible juxtaposition of every old red brick and delicate windowpane doesn’t speak reams of history on first glance, take that first step over the threshold and into the kitchen to allow the full picture to really come into view. Exposed beams throughout support a sense of pride in authenticity and confirm the undying eye for timeless quality, while each room is not without its sprinkle of modern furnishings and features.

alcester farmhouse interior


It’s likely there will be Shakespeare on the mind. After all, with his birthplace being only 20 minutes away, this house provides the perfect base from which to explore a countryside and region famed for bringing this literary titan to the world. Just as soon as you’re curled up on the plush sofas, turning the pages of The Tempest or Romeo & Juliet, you and your family and friends will be hungrily lost in the leaves of this coveted book that is Alcester Farmhouse – or maybe they’re the dramatis personae!

The Country Your Stage


When the curtain goes up and light is shed on Warwickshire in all its glory, you’ll find it steeped not only in rich history, but also in the great potential for fun, exploration, inspiration and some good old simple R&R. From endless shopping, dining and partying to days devoted to all the culture and history you could wish for, Warwick and Stratford-upon-Avon are among a collective of towns close-by and brimming with things to do, see, learn and indulge in, for all ages.

alcester farmhouse 2


We’ve all heard of Warwick Castle but if you’ve not yet set eyes upon its awe-inspiring scale, steeped in stories and steadfast in the face of countless years of elements, wars and change – then get there! This is about as good a slice of the English heritage cake as you’re likely to feast upon and it’s there waiting for you and your guests. But the real beauty is the sheer variety that thrives all around the area: from country pursuits old-fashioned and modern alike to quiet hours of bliss in spas (whether part of a big day out or brought straight to you in the comfort of the house), to sun-soaked barbecues and afternoons of games in the spacious garden with the countryside calmly unfolded just past the gate in the old low wall. Bask in the fullness of the day. Eat well, laugh, discover something new, converse, share in the best and the simplest of pleasures, feel the draw of the large open fire crackling over ancient stone and throwing a priceless glow over the beams and the faces of the ones you love. And when the stars are out, forget time – top up, make a toast, stretch out and soak it up in the hot tub while you make plans for tomorrow. Ahhh, “such stuff as dreams are made of.”

Alcester Farmhouse is our House of the Month and it’s easy to see why. Learn more about this truly special place by following the links in the house name and images to discover even more about all that could be yours.

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