The Only Tip You Need for the Cotswolds: Get Outdoors

There’s a recurring theme with the Cotswolds. Something that draws holidaymakers from all over the world. Something so many of us grow up in, many of us aware of the privilege, many others seemingly blinded by its familiarity.

For my early years I, too, took it for granted. It was just there, all around, so what was so special? But it takes the slightest development of interpretation, the smallest inspiration or turn of events – a book, a walk, some epiphany from a hilltop – to suddenly see it all for what it is: incredible, complex, yet beautifully simple on the surface, ever-changing, alive, real, restorative, life-changing, life-affirming… Nature. The great outdoors. And you’ll find it in all its glory in the Cotswolds.


So where should I go?

The Cotswolds has so much going on, so much to see, do and drop to your knees in admiration for that it can seem overwhelming when trying to figure out where exactly to place the pin. So here’s a little taste…

Type Cotswolds into Google and it’s the first thing you’ll see in the images: iconic limestone houses kissed by the colour and warmth of spring and summer, and complimented by countless photos of a countryside which, really, no pen or camera can entirely capture. There are too many to list here, so don’t worry about ‘the perfect’ town, some ideal place you must get to. Rather, take each place into consideration, making note of respective features and points of interest. Many visit Chipping Campden and Broadway for those limestone houses we mentioned. Almost nowhere are they more vibrant and picturesque than in these small towns. Sudeley Castle at Winchcombe draws millions of visitors of all ages, providing the perfect spring or summer day out for families. Some come to see the Arlington Row at Bibury. Others the old wool mills of Stroud, used in days gone by to produce the scarlet felt for the Redcoats; now used to produce green felt for tennis balls and pool tables all over the world. Horse racing enthusiasts and shopaholics alike flock to Cheltenham for weekends brimming with fine dining, drinking, designer labels, markets, galleries, plays and more.


Lace up your boots

Amazing as all the towns and villages are here – the tea shops, antiques, cafes, galleries, bookshops and more – the Cotswolds is only truly and wholly appreciated when you get outdoors. That doesn’t mean you need the big rucksack and the walking stick. All you need is the desire to feel alive and be surrounded by beauty with nothing between you and the earth but the cotton of your socks and the rubber of your shoes – it’s everywhere here: over the top of every rolling hill, through dappled woods, lavender fields and lively valleys. It’s in the bursts of spring blossoms, the long warm greens of summer, the countless yellows of crisp autumn and the bright layers of winter. All that? It’s just beyond the front door…


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