Making your Hen night extra special

It’s that time that you never thought would happen; your best friend is finally going to tie the knot. Being her maid of honour you have the responsibility of organising her hen party but what to do? It is going to be one of the biggest days of her life so you want to make it extra special. Here are a few tips to make that day one to remember.



Make sure the hen party is all about the bride to be. Adding a personal touch will show how much her friends know her and will be something to keep forever.

A great idea is to create a memory book. You can get a photo book or notebook and decorate it yourself. Ask people close to her to give photos from throughout her life and to add funny captions for that extra personal touch.

You could also ask the groom to add some photos and messages or do a secret video with him which could be shown at the hen party to make it interactive and engaging for everyone.


hen night memory book








Have Activities

Make sure the activities are tailored to suit her tastes. After all it is her big day and if you have her camping in a muddy field when she is a more of a get her nails done kind of girl then she will not thank you for it. You know her the best. What does she love to do? If she loves to dance then maybe a fabulous dance party could be an idea.

These days there is a hen dance party to suit just about any taste. From roaring 20s, 90s dance to 70s disco. Street dance, thriller, pole dancing, can-can, grease, belly dancing and Bollywood. I could go on.

Try to choose something you know she will enjoy but will be something completely different to what she has done before.

Party games are another great idea. Get a few fun games going and you could organise a naked butler to serve you drinks alongside the fun.

If she is more into baking then think along the lines of food related activities. You could take cupcake or sushi making classes. If this seems too much hard work though, you could do a food tour or chocolate tasting experience.

If she is the creative type maybe you could all make something, alongside a few glasses of champagne of course! You could make jewelry or hats, or even something special for the wedding.
If you really wanted something different you could do a murder mystery weekend. Everyone gets a character and has to work out who is the killer and how they did it.

If you wanted to get out into the great outdoors then maybe a woodland survival weekend is for you. If she is more of a getting pampered kind of girl then maybe glamping is for her. No messing about having to put up your own tents. It will all be put up for you with champagne on ice ready when you arrive.

There are so many different activities available for hen weekends these days. Check out the kate and toms Hen Party  section for more ideas.



Decorating the venue you choose will give the party that extra special touch. It’s a celebration after all eh! So get the balloons, party poppers and banners out and make that place look amazing.


Dress Up

Make yourselves stand out from the crowd. There are so many themes to choose from so consider what the bride would feel comfortable in but of course you want to make her stand out and be the centre of attention.

Some popular themes are policewomen, army, superheroes or famous film stars.
For something a little different you could choose a pretty bohemian theme, retro theme or naughty burlesque.


hen night can can










Gift bags

Gift bags are a great idea to give everyone a little memory from the big night.
You could include a sash or a printed themed t-shirt. You could include a few beauty samples, chocolates or small charm keepsake.

Another great idea is a mini hangover kit (filled with meds to help with the morning after struggles).

Whatever you decide to do for the hen’s big weekend, make sure it is tailored to her tastes with a little surprise twist. Go out there and give her a party to remember.

hen night gift bag










What ever you decide to do you will of course need somewhere to stay, kate and toms have some of the most sort after luxury properties to rent for Hen nights, weekends, weeks or even longer if you really want to party! Head over to our Hen Party Houses page for more info.

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