How to Clean Holiday Cottages Before Leaving

Holidays are a great time to let your hair down and have fun. A luxury holiday cottage is the perfect place to do that. But once you’re ready to head home, there are a few things to take care of. 

Most importantly – we kindly ask that you leave the property as you found it. Our house management team will, of course, be carrying out a full clean of the property after your departure. However, leaving the holiday cottage in a respectful and clean condition is usual in any rental agreement. Read on as we discuss the main areas to consider before handing back the keys. 

How to clean holiday cottages before departure


Put rubbish in the bin, including recycling

Rubbish bins are provided in each holiday home. Before leaving, ensure everything is tied in waste bags and put into the main bin outside. The same is required for recycling. Sort glass, plastic and cardboard into its appropriate containers so it can be easily collected. 

Clean kitchenware and crockery

If you’ve used any kitchenware, crockery or cooking equipment during your stay, it’s important to clean it and return it to its usual place. Some holiday cottages have a dishwasher, so place everything through a wash before heading home. However, if no dishwasher is present, use the cleaning products available.

Put furniture back in its original place

Understandably, furniture might be moved around to some degree to accommodate your stay. That could be a small adjustment to the sofa for your movie night or moving garden furniture to catch the sun. However, once you’ve packed up for home, remember to put everything back as you found it. 

Replace pool and hot tub covers

If your holiday cottage has a swimming pool or hot tub, return its covers after use and at the end of your stay. This helps to minimise dirt and debris entering the water when not in use. 

Ensure fixtures and fittings are in working order

Your holiday cottage will have many fixtures, fittings and appliances ready for use. However, it’s essential to treat these as you would at home and ensure they are in the same condition as you arrived. If you notice any issues with broken fixtures on arrival, report it straight away. Similarly, tell the owner or agent immediately if breakages occur during your stay. 

Use cleaning equipment provided 

Many holiday cottages provide basic cleaning products and equipment such as a vacuum. This is ideal for cleaning up after muddy boots, sandy shoes and wayward food crumbs. Cleaning as you go also makes less work for when you leave.  

Lock windows and doors before leaving

Once you’re ready to leave, ensure any doors and windows are shut and secure and return keys to the agreed location. Remember, not all homes will have someone new arriving the next day, so it’s important not to leave them unlocked.

Respect your neighbours

Some holiday homes are located close to residential areas. In this instance, be respectful of noise levels while enjoying the property. When cleaning, it’s important to use your own house’s bins rather than neighbouring bins for waste. 

Our commitment to you

Holiday rentals are available to be enjoyed by all. Terms and conditions are set for every holiday cottage booking to protect houses, owners and of course guests. These set out your obligations with respect to the cottage and its use. When booking, you agree to uphold these terms. You can find out more in our terms and conditions.

However, it’s only fair that we hold up our end of the deal too. At kate & tom’s, we’re committed to providing truly luxurious holiday experiences throughout England and Wales. To do so, we consider every last detail of our holiday cottages to make sure you have everything you need for an unforgettable stay.

Cleaning is no exception. Before you arrive (and after you leave) all houses are fully cleaned by trained staff. That includes the cleaning of all worktops and floors with high-quality products. All laundry is removed for cleaning and replaced with fresh bedding and towels.

As mentioned above, we ask all guest to report any faults or breakages during their stay. These will be repaired as an urgent matter to make sure everything is in working order for guests. 

Any questions?

We hope our guide has given you all the information you need on how to clean holiday cottages. With our advice, you can leave your holiday cottage with a long list of unforgettable memories – and without any worries about how you’ve left it.

If you have any more questions before your stay, or before booking, feel free to contact our team on [email protected].