The Big and the Small in Cornwall

­When I think Cornwall, there’s always one thing that springs to mind first: childhood. Though not Cornish myself, it was where I spent many long summer weeks with brothers and cousins. This is doubtless also the case for a whole host of Brits, but never let it be said that the region doesn’t have plenty and more to keep adults and the elderly alike busy.

How easy it would be to say, ‘There’s something for everyone.’ The truth is, there are so many possibilities – so much potential for all ages, that I want to take you through what I believe to be some of the best, most unmissable things that will have you painting the picture for family, friends and colleagues for weeks to come – that might even have you spinning the postcard racks in the first little shop you stumble upon on the first day, ice-cream in hand, the sun on your back and the midday breakers blending into the myriad other sounds of summer spread far back over the sand. And yes, postcards still exist. And yes, postcards are still cool.

If it’s a little inspiration and direction you’re after, see below for some of the greats that Cornwall is famous for.

The Big – A Day at the Eden Project

For years now – at least for as long as I can remember – the Eden Project has been a staple in the region. Since its initial construction and consequent evolution, the Project’s own have continued to think of new and exciting ways to shed light on the connection between people and the planet; the countless wonders of nature and the importance of understanding our impact upon it.

As if its name wasn’t profound enough – suggestive of the original unspoilt paradise – you only have to look upon the longstanding biomes, those iconic honeycombed eco-domes simulating Rainforest and Mediterranean environments, to be reminded of our commitment to the education and preservation of all things green.

Every age group will find something inspiring here. With every clean breath, there’s a path that leads you and your family on to the beautiful unknown, surrounded by thriving plants you might never had dreamed of seeing in Britain – banana plants, coffee, rubber and giant bamboo.

A whole day can be spent here, with a superfoods café on offer, and the Core building, where the younger – and the older – can learn all about ecosystems, the Planet Engine and the making of Eden itself. If you’d like a few moments to yourselves, there’s even a play area for the kids, and a soft play area for under-5s. | 01726 811911


The Small – An Evening at Daymer Bay Beach & the St Enodoc Hotel Restaurant in Rock

If it’s something a little more low-key you’re after, or maybe just a quiet and relaxing way to end your fun-packed day, you’d do very well to stop by this beach notorious for its location and size. A favourite of the locals coming with dogs, large families or just themselves. Fetch the ice creams and as the sun goes down make your way through the sand dunes to Rock via St Enodoc Church, the burial place of Sir John Betjamen. This church even earnt itself the nickname of ‘Sinking Neddy’ a couple of hundred years ago when it became buried in the sands from the beach. At one stage it could only be entered through the roof!

In Rock, brush the sand from off your toes and you can put the jam on the cream tea of your day by stopping for dinner in one of the few Michelin-starred restaurants in Cornwall, the restaurant at St Enodoc Hotel.

There’s a range of great dishes on offer here, courtesy of chef James Nathan. As the last light glistens in the gardens on view, squeeze the last drops of the lemon on another fresh oyster and maybe exchange some ideas on what tomorrow could consist of. Something different or more of the same, you’ll go home after this day after some of the best food, wines and beers Cornwall has to offer feeling replete; quite possibly with the desire to sleep, dream and repeat. | 01208 863394


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