6 reasons to have a hen party in a big house

Having a Hen Party in a big house comes with many, many perks, such as…

Hens, hens and more hens

Nobody should ever have to limit themselves to only invite a small amount of their friends and family. Getting a big enough house will ensure you can invite your friends, your mum, your friends mum, your nan, your auntie, your cousins and more! We want to eradicate the myth that getting a big house is too expensive, we have houses that will give you more than enough space, and at an affordable price. Vaughan House has the beauty and size to accommodate for the perfect hen party weekend you desire!

Being together

The beauty of renting a big house for your group, is the fact you can be all together. Hotel rooms often separate you from each other. Hen parties are a once in a lifetime experience (hopefully…!) and it’s so important that you share this experience with your most treasured loved ones! By renting a big house with us, there will be no getting lost in the hallways trying to find your friends room or knocking on the door to find they’ve gone to the bar without you. What better way to spend quality time together than to chill in the hot tub and swimming pool at The Reach.

Plenty of privacy

Every woman knows the sheer joy of being able to sit with your hair scraped back into a questionably greasy bun and a muddy face mask plastered on your face. By staying in your own big home, you will without doubt, be more than comfortable enough to wear those ugly pyjama pants with pride. Walk freely in the house wearing those neon pink unicorn slippers, because who cares? Only your friends and family can see you anyway! We are also well aware that some popular hen activities can make a lady blush, so let’s keep those activities for you and your eyes only, let’s avoid frightening the children from the school trip in the hotel room opposite…
















^ The 360 Barn – Sleeps 20, Lancashire


Having a big house for your hen party provides you with no limits! You’ve got the space to do a yoga class, a total wipeout course, a cocktail class, a home spa session, even hire some butlers in the buff and much, much more. We know that not every woman wants half-naked men serving them drinks on their hen do, you might just want a relaxing weekend with the girls, nothing too heavy! That’s why having your own big house is so great, because you have the freedom to have the best of both worlds and tailor your hen weekend to do exactly what you want to do.

Location, location and more locations

We have properties in all types of locations to suit any and every group. Whether you’re just looking for a base after nights out or whether you’re after somewhere remote and luxurious, we have it all. If you want coastal views then head down to Cornwall and stay at Polpier or if you would prefer to relax in the countryside, escape to The 360 Barn in Lancashire.  It can feel near impossible to find the right location at the right price, but there are big houses out there, you just need to find the right one! Contact our client services team for help finding the perfect location.


Women often enjoy the finer things in life. It’s a rarity that women actually get to experience luxury though, because changing the babies nappy or going to work every day seems to take priority. In a harsh reality, a hen party isn’t just for the bride to be, it’s for the exhausted mum and career consumed woman to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Get yourself a house with a hot tub, or a terraced balcony with a glass of bubbly, live the dream for a weekend. Yes, you will have to go back to reality afterwards, but there’s no harm in pretending for just a little while that you are rich and famous.



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