Ascot Races Grandstand, Why Is It the Best in the UK?

Insight_june03_focus_race_largeThe roar of the crowd, the thunder of hooves over the turf, your adrenalin levels rising as your horse edges nearer to the front of the pack. Your horse looks like he could make it. As they all fly over the finishing line your heart is in your mouth. Your horse actually looked like he had the edge. Did he actually win? Time seems to stand still as they look at the photo finish and you chat excitedly with your friends about the possibility of having a winner and what you will do with the lovely cash.

As the announcement comes over the loudspeaker and on to the screen, your hands are sweating with anticipation. And finally they declare your horse the winner!! You can’t believe it. You dance around excitedly with your friends and drag them all off to the champagne bar to celebrate!

This was my first experience of Ascot and I will never forget it. It was definitely one of the most exciting days I’d had in a long time. That day I couldn’t do anything wrong. I picked three winners and bought everyone champagne. I had no winnings left by the end of the day, but it was all worth it.

Royal Ascot 2012  Day 1Ascot really is a special place that can be enjoyed by everyone. Ascot Races was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne and it is still a big date in the Royal calendar. Every year the Queen and various other members of the Royal family attend.

For many, Royal Ascot is more a social event to be seen at rather than going there to watch the races and their outfits are equally important.




Royal Ascot 2012  Day 3

Ascot is attended by 300,000 people annually in June making it the best attended race meet in Europe. Ladies day has become the most popular and always falls on the Thursday. It is unknown why this day became known as Ladies day but whatever the reason, it has become the most favored day seeing the ladies in the crowd getting more coverage than the fillies on the track.

There are three enclosures with the Royal enclosure being the hardest to get into. You have to know someone who has attended the enclosure for at least four years to apply for membership. The dress code here is very strict. Ladies have to wear a day dress and hat with strict guidelines on length and style of dress to adhere to. For men, black or grey morning suit is needed with a top hat.

The Silver and Grandstand enclosures are a little easier to get into with rules on dress a little less strict. Most people do dress up and it’s still a great chance to show off your new hat and dress combo but you won’t get thrown out for not having a dress to specific guidelines. Men usually do still wear a suit and tie.

The total prize money for Royal Ascot in 2013 was 5 million pounds, an increase of 500 thousand pounds from 2012. Ascot holds a total of 30 races over the five days. Group one race’s are held in the highest regard and include ‘classics’ and other races of major international importance. At least one of these races is held daily.


Ascot_1488691cOther big races are the Queen’s Vase, the Royal Hunt Cup and the Gold Cup. The winners of these races get their trophies presented by the Queen. The winners of these cups get to keep the trophy and new cups are made every year instead of the cup having to be given back to be given to the new winner.

Royal Ascot is definitely one of the most important and enjoyable races of the year. Whether you go there for the first time or the 50th time, the electric atmosphere will get in to your veins and make you want to go back year after year.


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