5 Reasons to Head to the Peak District

England’s first national park has been attracting millions for over 60 years. It’s clear to see why…

In the 1950s its boundaries were drawn up and today they mark this national park as the fifth largest in the country. The funny thing is that the Peak District is, well, pretty peak-less. So where does the name come from? Some say it was named for the Pecsaetan Anglo-Saxon tribe who once populated the area. Split into the northern Dark Peak and the southern White Peak, it’s an upland utopia promising endless activity, beauty and reflection across the vastness of its moorland, rounded hilltops, escarpments, characterful towns – and a mysterious cave or two!

Feeling lost within this beast of a park already? Here are five reasons to venture to the Peak District…


Over 500 square miles of this green gem on our map remains host to the best in country pursuits. As well as being a walkers’ paradise, the Peak District is famous for its cycling, caving, camping, horse riding and so much more.




This national park itself may be less than a century old, but it contains mile upon mile of traces of a rich past that will fascinate all ages. From its Bronze Age settlements to its large towns born of Roman times, Derbyshire grew in the industrial era and was then one of the centres of the British Industrial Revolution. See the henges at Arbor Low and the Nine Ladies stone circle at Stanton Moor.




Along with the millennia that have made this part of the country what it is comes a fair share of mystery. Thor Cave in the Manifold Valley of the White Peak yawns towards the stunning views of the national park from its prehistoric 7.5-metre-wide and 10-metre-tall mouth. Ancient human and animal remains, tools, pottery and other items have been discovered here. What will you find?




Probably the main inspiration behind a visit to the Peak District will be from the stories you’ve heard and the photos you’ve seen of its renowned beauty. Whether it’s a non-stop fun-packed day with the young ones, or you’ve simply branched out on your own, away from the crowd for some you-time, the beauty of this place will be there waiting for you round every rocky corner and from every verdant hill. What more do you need? Keats said it best:

“‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ – that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”




Okay, you might need one more thing… the perfect house from which to enjoy it all. And that’s exactly what we’re here for! Below you’ll find our wonderful selection of houses in this area. Their doors are open and the Peak District (I’m pretty sure) is going nowhere – so what are you waiting for?


Birdsgrove House | Sleeps 26-43


Birdsgrove House is a rambling Grade II-listed home on the cusp of the Peak District, sleeping two dozen in ten bedrooms with 12 acres of wonderful gardens.


Derwent Manor | Sleeps 20


Break out of the grind and graft of life in the high and glorious Peaks, where the curlew and skylark offer the soundtrack to your glorious escape. Relax in characterful spaces, take croissants and coffee on the terrace, play cricket and croquet on the lawn. You could unwind forever at Derwent Manor.


Peak View | Sleeps 20


Peak View does what it says on the tin: gives you a deliriously lovely view of the Peak District. This is rustic England padded with luxury. Settle back on soft furnishings in the cinema room, fire up the woodburner, take a picnic on the lawn, get together with friends and family and get a new perspective on life.


Peak Hall | Sleeps 18<  


At Peak Hall, the lead-mullion windows and flagstone floors are pure 16th century. But the hot tub and cinema room speak only of 21st-century comforts. Throw another log on the fire and the air will spark with laughter.