10 Things to Get up to in Camber Sands

Camber Sands is one of the most pristine beaches in the United Kingdom. Located near the village of Camber (near Rye), East Sussex, it is a fantastic holiday destination for couples or families looking to get away from the bustle of the city. Camber sands is the only sand dune system in East Sussex and is well-known for its beautiful clean sand. Here are 10 things you can get up to while staying near Camber Sands.

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Try Kitesurfing or Kite Buggying

Kitesurfing involves standing on a modified surfboard and using a specially designed kite for propulsion. There are also kite buggies which involve attaching kites to small vehicles and driving along the beach. A ton of fun for the whole family, there are two local businesses that offer kitesurfing lessons and equipment rental. “Kitesurf Centre” and “Camber Kitesurfing” are both highly rated and offer lessons starting at beginner level.

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Get Fit with a Swim, Walk or Run Along the Beach

Camber Beach offers 7 miles of beautiful golden sand to walk or run across. The beach is popular with hikers, because of the length of the beach and the pristine surroundings. If you are interested in getting fitter during your holiday, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world to go jogging. The calm water is also perfect for a long swim.

Eat some of the Best Pub Food in the UK

Camber has some of the best pub cuisine in Britain, with a number of highly rated pubs and cafes on offer. The Green Owl, Rye Bay Cafe, Camber Cafe, Dunes Bar & Restaurant and the Camber Castle all offer truly brilliant food that is good value for money.


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Visit Camber Castle

Dating back to the 16th-Century, Camber Castle is a “Device Fort” located between the town of Rye and Camber Sands. Device Forts are artillery fortifications built by Henry VIII to defend the southern coast of England. Camber Castle is only a short drive away from Camber Sands and makes for an exciting day out with the family. The castle has recently undergone restoration and conservation works. It is open to the public on the first Saturday of the month from July to September with a 2pm guided tour. Admission is £3 for adults and free for children.


Learn How to Sail

Rye Water Sports offer a range of sailing courses starting at beginners level with the two-day “RYA Start Sailing Level 1” course. They also teach seamanship skills and sailing on vessels with a spinnaker. The courses are a great way to obtain some sailing skills while on holiday or get your kids into the sport. Rye Water Sports also teach kitesurfing and windsurfing skills with a number of courses designed to suit people of all skill levels.

Go Fishing

There are some excellent fishing beach spots along camber beach with whiting, flounder and bass the most common fish. Technically, the council has banned fishing between April and October. However, at the far end of the beach (near Jury’s Gap) the council turns a blind eye and fishing goes on throughout the year.


Get into High Octane Water-sports

If you are more interested in water-sports that involve a motor and high speeds, “Action Watersports” is a 15 minute drive from Camber Beach. Located on a fresh water lake, activities include jet skiing, motor-boating, wake boarding, fly boarding and water skiing.

Visit the Rye Heritage Centre

A short drive from Cambers Beach is the Rye Heritage Centre and Information Centre. Visiting the heritage centre is a great way to learn about Rye and the local area. There are also guided ghost and historic tours available at specific times of the year.


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Drusillas Park

Visit Drusillas Park

A 45-minute drive from Camber Beach is Drusillas Park. This is a children’s park with dozens of attractions to excite and entertain the little ones including: Thomas the Tank Engine ride, animal feeding, the Amazon Adventure, Hello Kitty Secret Garden and the Explorer’s lagoon.


England’s Medieval Festival

Although it’s a longer drive from Camber Beach, England’s Medieval Festival is a fantastic family event, well-worth attending. Held at Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex, this year the event will run on Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th & Monday 31st August 2015. The event includes medieval banquets, jousting, siege of the castle battles, archery demonstrations, parades, trader’s markets and much more!

As you can see, Camber Beach has so much to offer and is a great place for your next holiday!

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